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The Business Travel Show Europe Innovation Faceoff 2023 sponsored by for Business, featured the latest developments in business travel in a gripping competition that put the most forward-thinking companies in front of a panel of expert judges and the audience.

Seven suppliers fought it out to take home the Business Travel Innovator Award as they showcased their cutting-edge products, technology or services, each with a 7-minute presentation, which looked to address industry challenges and support managed business travel, meetings or business travellers.  


Meet our 2023 winner Travlr ID

Travlr ID is building a decentralised service to manage identification, which founder and creator Gee Mann said could solve the problem of data fragmentation in the travel industry.
Travellers need to share profiles with a variety of sources, including agencies, booking tools, global distribution systems and other suppliers, and a lot of the profile management today still is managed in Excel, he said.

"The traveller profile is broken," Mann said. "There's very little innovation or interoperability … and data breaches are very common."

The blockchain-based Travlr ID is building a network where entities that want to interact with a profile can do so with the traveller or company's permission. That's in the form of both a mobile wallet for the traveller as well as a corporate platform.



2023 finalists included:

3Sixty Logo

3Sixty is a state-of-the-art marketplace that reduces the noise in extended-stay travel. The result is a consistent, quality experience that creates an expectation: if you book a 3Sixty stay for your employee, you know they’ll feel at home.

The 3Sixty team has spent more than 30 years building the industry’s most robust network of over 1 million globally compliant accommodations in 60 countries. 3Sixty’s flexible bid feature increases compliance and control while delivering choice, flexibility, and optimized spend.

With a mix of machine learning and human expertise - the marketplace aggregates and curates suitable housing for clients and their employees. 



TripKicks Logo

Tripkicks Elevated by Gate4, a new advancement from Tripkicks and Advito, allows companies to make a significant impact on their sustainability goals by providing real-time, accurate emissions information to travelers while booking in SAP Concur Travel. GATE4 is the most robust emissions calculation methodology available to travel managers today. Tripkicks technology uses metadata about the flights as well as custom data from Advito in its algorithm to calculate the emissions for each flight at the time of search. This is the first time that an industry-leading carbon methodology is available within a booking tool. The next iteration of the solution, expected in Q3 of this year, will include GATE4 emissions figures on the hotel and rail search results.



QuadLabs Logo

QuadLabs provides a unified solution for Corporates and TMC to automate the travel purchase and sales process for both offline & online sales in one single solution. Travog Corporate Travel solution is a combination of Self Booking tool + Expense Management + Mobile travel companion app + Point of sales for travel consultants + Mid office + Analytics + Reconciliation solution. It not only provides sales automation across multiple channels but also provide complete automation in post-sales booking management and financial accounting.

Unlike any other SBT tools in the market, Travog also provides a Global Profiling engine which manages the customer profiles & policies centrally to feed into all sales channels & offline processes on real time basis.


Travlr ID logo

Travlr ID is on a mission to build a global travel identity network that offers a seamless and secure travel experience to travellers around the world. By leveraging the power of distributed ledger technology and self-sovereign identity, Travlr ID is building a decentralised service that enables travellers to have a single source of truth for their travel identity.

The traditional travel industry is highly fragmented, with individual companies, suppliers, intermediaries, and more managing their own silos of data. This results in a disjointed travel experience for travellers, who are forced to manage multiple profiles and share their personal information with various entities. Travlr ID's global travel identity network offers a solution to this problem by providing travellers with a unified, decentralised travel profile that they own and manage themselves.

Our service enables travellers to interact with all suppliers in the travel supply chain seamlessly and on a permission basis, without compromising their personal data. As seasoned experts in travel technology, blockchain, and identity management, Travlr ID is committed to building a platform to offer security, transparency, and personalisation to travellers.


Data Angel Logo

The Data Angel is a friendly "robotic" technology that works inside Cvent to make planners’ jobs easier, provide accurate, timely information 24/7 whilst lowering program costs.

The Data Angel (DA) corrects data for planners in real time as they work on meetings and generates instant, visually appealing reports using data from inside and outside of Cvent. Imagine a credible, friendly sustainability or ROI report in just seconds! DA significantly reduces the time planners, managers and analysts spend on meetings and events data – even eliminating entire roles of boring data work and allowing team members to focus on more strategic tasks.

Companies using DA experience highly accurate critical data available when needed, rather than chasing users for months to update and correct information. By automating previously manual data work, DA can also reduce audit time for meetings and events by weeks or months. It can calculate any program metric such as “SLA scores” instantly. Imagine receiving a survey response from a customer or your VP and being able to reply on the same day.

The Data Angel is easily configured for your company’s specific data, reporting and compliance requirements. Eliminate risks related to bad data and reporting and increase team member smiles at the same time!


HQ logo

HQ’s SummitGround platform digitizes ground transportation booking, invoicing and reporting of all global rides within policy, including accurate price prediction, billing and payment verification, and real-time spending and carbon emissions data. 


EY logo

The EY Sustainable Travel Approval Tool (STAT) is designed to encourage employees to book more sustainable travel choices and support an organizations’ carbon ambition. It provides our travelers and leaders greater visibility to both the financial and carbon impacts of business travel. It builds off past approval tool successes and gives users tangible emissions information at the time they need it, prior to booking. The tool illustrates relatable emissions facts to traveler understand the impact of the emissions they will incur. The tool also quantifies the benefits of not travelling and using a virtual alternative.

STAT consumes multiple data sources across air, hotel and ground transportation into a central repository ahead of visualizing the carbon impact into a graphical interface when building a proposed trip that really enables travelers to make informed decisions on their proposed trip. A number of API’s, data normalization, visualization and technical calculations, all built within the platform, enable a new way to view carbon impact for a traveler’s journey. Further integrating with our internal approval tool, through power automation and API connectivity shows multi-product integration into an end-to-end process of cost and carbon calculation.

STAT will help reduce the travel carbon footprint by putting control into the employees’ hands


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