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Welcome to the Travel Management Sector page of the Business Travel Show Europe, where innovation meets expertise in corporate travel.

Here, explore groundbreaking solutions from top exhibitors, absorb wisdom from industry-leading speakers, and engage in valuable networking to revolutionise your travel management strategies.

This platform is crafted to empower travel managers with the tools, knowledge, and connections necessary to excel in the rapidly evolving travel landscape. 

Step into the future of travel management and redefine your approach with us today.





Meet our distinguished speakers, industry luminaries with a wealth of experience and insight into the corporate travel world. Their engaging presentations and thought-provoking discussions are set to inspire new ideas, strategies, and perspectives, driving forward the future of business travel.




Discover our lineup of premier exhibitors, each bringing innovative solutions and services designed to elevate corporate travel experiences. From cutting-edge technology to bespoke service providers, our handpicked selection is poised to transform your approach to business travel.



Whilst we are awaiting the launch of our 2024 agenda, please take a moment to explore some of the amazing sessions we hosted in 2023. These highlights showcase the depth and diversity of topics covered, reflecting our commitment to delivering unparalleled insights and opportunities in the world of corporate travel.

  1. Platinum Suite Room 1
    75 mins
    Business Travel Show Europe’s inaugural General Session will feature a keynote address by British journalist, television presenter and a former correspondent for BBC News Jon Sopel, who will provide i ...
  1. Show Floor Theatre 1
    40 mins
    War of talent, Sustainability, rising ADR, shift to automation and personalization pose a risk to travel programs as travelers seek solutions outside the legacy systems of managed channel. But where t ...
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  2. Platinum Suite Room 1
    60 mins
    Nearly all travel buyers continue to rely on a TMC – yet tensions persist. With current stresses including labour shortages and gaps in content offering, are TMCs evolving to meet clients’ needs? Or w ...
  3. Show Floor Theatre 2
    40 mins
    The biggest companies invest hundreds of millions of pounds each year in sending their people around the globe. It’s a travel manager’s job to spend that money wisely while also keeping their travelle ...
  1. Show Floor Theatre 2
    60 mins
    Exclusively for students: A tour of the Business Travel Show Europe exhibition hall, including such attractions as the BTN Group Start Up Zone, the Business Travel Technology Zone, and the Sustainabil ...
  1. Show Floor Theatre 1
    60 mins
    This heat for this year's Business Travel Innovation Faceoff sees 3Sixty, Travlr ID, TripKicks, and HQ go head to head as they present their cutting-edge products, technologies or service to the judgi ...

  2. Show Floor Theatre 2
    40 mins
    Getting a travel programme off the ground or reinventing the current one? Join this session for a quick-start guide to the key facets of managed travel: from safety, policy, performance, risk, and mor ...
  1. Platinum Suite Room 5
    50 mins
    Hosted Buyers Only: Airline schedules are finally stabilising after the coronavirus years, and you now have enough months of reliable data to forge possibly your first carrier deals of the 2020s. But ...
  2. Platinum Suite Room 7
    50 mins
    Making sure travellers are in good shape physically and emotionally is the right thing to do morally, reputationally and even financially – and yet too often this topic is totally overlooked. Come awa ...
  3. Platinum Suite Room 1
    60 mins
    Three years after Covid it’s clear that working practices have been reshaped permanently, including remote work, talent shortages, socially and environmentally conscious employees, and new risk factor ...
  4. Show Floor Theatre 2
    40 mins
    There are many online booking and expense management tools to choose from. Which one is right for you? And once you’ve chosen the best technology for your company, what then? We walk you through the s ...
  5. Show Floor Theatre 1
    20 mins
    The needs of today’s business traveler are evolving. Learn more about the key trends shaping the global state of business travel payment – and strategies for shaping a T&E program strategy that optimi ...
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Business Travel Show Europe
Celebrating 30 years on 19-20 June 2024 | London ExCeL



Welcome to our Key Show Sectors section, a showcase of industry-leading areas from Expense Management to Sustainable Travel. Dive into each sector to discover the latest trends, innovations, and solutions transforming business travel.



Explore pioneering hotel industry solutions enhancing guest experiences and streamlining operational efficiency.

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Who should visit this sector?

Corporate travel managers, procurement officers, coordinators, business travel agents, and anyone involved in organizing or overseeing business travel.

What will I discover here?

A range of solutions including travel booking, policy compliance, expense tracking, and innovative technologies aimed at improving corporate travel.

How do travel management companies benefit businesses?

They secure the best rates, offer insights into travel spend, ensure employee safety during travel, and streamline policies for efficiency.

What are the emerging trends?

Trends include artificial intelligence for personalised planning, sustainable travel options, advanced analytics, and focusing on traveller wellbeing.

How can I connect with companies or agencies at the show?

There will be networking opportunities, meetings, and presentations for connecting with leading professionals and exploring partnerships.

Will there be educational sessions on this topic?

Yes, workshops and seminars will cover best practices, innovative solutions, and future trends, offering valuable insights for businesses.

Can SMEs also benefit?

Definitely. SMEs can optimise travel spend, enhance safety, and access competitive options through these specialised services.

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