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30 Jan 2020

Trondent Launches Another Travel Industry First: Pre-Trip Authorization with Artificial Intelligence

Barrington, IL – January 22, 2020 Trondent Development Corp., a leading provider of software, web-based applications and data management services to the global travel industry, has once again redefined what’s possible in travel policy compliance management.  Trondent is pleased to announce Authorizer AI, an Artificial Intelligence-based pre-trip authorization solution.  By incorporating Artificial Intelligence, Trondent is now able to process a wider range of use case scenarios in corporate travel policy compliance.  While its sister product - Authorizer PRO, now in use by over 2,000 corporate customers worldwide, will continue to service companies who desire to enforce a strict and structured policy, Authorizer AI will be better suited to address the many shades of grey found in many clients’ travel policies and processes.  Unlike Authorizer PRO which utilizes a binary decision tree to process customer determined rule sets, Authorizer AI takes a heuristic approach to make complex reasoning decisions similar to those made by humans. 

Authorizer AI utilizes a forward-chaining rules engine with foundations in the LISP programming language.  The rules engine considers a multitude of facts originating with PNR contents and corporate travel policy, and extending to other relevant facts obtained by data feeds or web services calls into corporate ERP systems, risk management providers, sustainability ranking and CO₂ footprint calculations, weather, government resources, or the results of rule execution, delivering unprecedented capabilities in the automation of pre-trip authorization and travel data analysis.

Travel managers of major corporations and travel management companies know that automating pre-trip approval can save millions of dollars year over year and reduce the amount of time spent on manually reviewing trip requests.   They also know that achieving 100% policy compliance is not always realistic.  One of the new functionalities developed with the use of Artificial Intelligence allows Trondent to determine the amount of deviation from 100% policy compliance and offer companies the opportunity to decide what level of deviation they are willing to tolerate based on their corporate and financial goals.  Now, trips that fall out-of-policy can be weighed against this compliance threshold to deliver intelligent, immediate outcomes - increasing the volume of trips automatically approved.

"We are very excited to announce the debut of Authorizer AI. " says Trondent Founder and CEO, David Wood.  “Trondent’s goal in pre-trip approval has been to provide technologies which do not require the corporation to gut their policy to fit the tool.  By introducing Artificial Intelligence to the pre-trip approval suite of products, customers now have a well-rounded set of offerings to choose from so that they can obtain travel policy compliance without compromise.”

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