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14 Jan 2020

The French Association of Travel Management (AFTM)

Promoting the business travel trade, helping those just starting out in their career and obtaining the professional recognition of government bodies and international associations. This is the mission set by the French Association of Travel Management (AFTM).

AFTM is France’s leading organisation representing those in charge of business travel. Chaired by Michel Dieleman and supported by reference partners, the main aim of AFTM is to improve skills and provide expertise in the complex and very different spheres surrounding corporate travel management such as; sourcing, IT, human resources and health and safety. AFTM also explores new related areas such as catering, land transport, automotive fleet, etc. All these functions come together under the umbrella of “Mobility Management”.

AFTM is involved in training, knowledge exchanges and supporting travel managers in the making, in businesses and organizations across France, Europe or the wider world.


The AFTM was founded in 2008 and now has more than 400 members in France. Its aim is to pool the experience and knowledge accumulated by each of its members and to foster dialogue on and around the issues of business travel and related fields.

The AFTM offers members the opportunity to meet, share best practice, discuss challenges and learn about all areas of travel management. To this end, the association organizes the “AFTM meetings”.


From time to time, the AFTM organizes sessions outside the national remit

Our events formats:

  • Conferences: covering a global theme in the presence of qualified experts.
  • Workshops: offer opportunities for knowledge exchanges and sharing best practice.
  • Coffee Mornings: here we address practical and functional topics in a technical and detailed way.


One of the AFTM’s key commitments is to raise the profile of and gain recognition for the profession of travel manager. This approach is at the heart of the association and has led to an important collaboration since 2014 with APEC and the Job Centre Office aimed at integrating the job of travel manager within the frameworks of these two organizations.


The AFTM listens to its members and their needs. As such, the association provides them with a purposeā€built education scheme leading to certified qualifications, in conjunction with training organizations specialized in travel management.