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Launch of traveller wellbeing coaching at Business Travel Show

Visit the Wellness Retreat for a chat to see how you can help yourself and your travelers, or join in to the Wednesday 26th 14-14.20 coaching session for a fun, interactive experience.

Dr. Lucy Rattrie ( is exhibiting at the Wellness Retreat and will use this event to launch her exclusive 1-1 coaching. She offers a dedicated experience with in-depth guidance, education, communication and feedback to inspire and help travelers. This has potential to enable organizations and TMC’s to provide a high-value support system to their executive travelers.

Programs build self-awareness, self-regulation and self-management for executive travelers who:

  • Want to feel grounded as they have been experiencing stress, burnout, exhaustion, unhealthy living, loneliness, poor life balance, low performance;
  • Want to thrive and maximize wellbeing, develop excellent habits, be psychologically flexible, calm, physically healthy, energized and happy.

“I am offering this in-depth wellness coaching for professionals that travel the world, enabling people to perform and be successful, by harnessing simple and effective techniques for self-management of mental, emotional and physical well-being using my 5 pillars: think well – feel well – connect well – live well – work well. As a traveler myself, I understand how hard it is to stay well, and truly believe any organization who trials this coaching will see positive results. I am offering a discount for those initial pilots,” said Dr. Lucy Rattrie, Psychologist, Creating Sona.

You can find Dr. Lucy Rattrie in the Wellness Retreat on Stand B or Stand C at the Business Travel Show, which takes place 26-27 February 2020 at Olympia London.

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