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11 Feb 2020

Diversity Travel kickstarts 2020 at the Business Travel Show

Diversity Travel, a specialist travel management company, is kickstarting 2020 with its attendance at The Business Travel Show.

Twenty-nineteen was an outstanding year for the charity and academic sector experts, delivering an unprecedented period of growth. With offices in Manchester, London and Arlington, US, the firm now has 176 members of full-time staff, with plans for further expansion following several new client wins in 2020.

The appointment of Beverly Weir, Vice President of Sales and Account Management, signified an increased investment in the US market – one of the TMC’s key focus areas for growth in 2020. This appointment, alongside the growing US-based team, reflects a commitment to delivering the highest possible level of service worldwide.

During the show, Diversity Travel will be announcing the results of their annual client survey. The survey, which was completed by over 2,000 respondents from the academic, charity and public sectors, reveals views on topics such as response times, online vs offline booking, policy compliance, duty of care and Brexit.

Commenting on the results, Steve Summers, Sales & Marketing Director at Diversity Travel, said: “We’ve started 2020 with a bang - we’ll now use the survey data to help new and existing clients to better understand how partnering with Diversity Travel can add value to their business. We’re excited to share the results!”.

Full details of the survey, alongside industry-tailored reports, will be published on the company’s website later this month.
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