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Trondent Development Corp

Stand: L43
Trondent Development Corp

Trondent is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year!  For the last 30 years we have been developing advanced software solutions which simplify the way the global travel industry manages various aspects of their operations.  Travel agencies, corporate customers, online booking tool providers, and meetings management companies use our products to improve their technology offering and enhance their support of corporate travel programs while keeping manual work to a minimum.  Such automations increase staff productivity and significantly improve clients’ satisfaction.  It is our promise to deliver solutions of exceptional quality and relevant content at a great value.  

Our dedication to continuous innovation, our careful attention to detail, combined with superior customer service has given us the opportunity to work with clients of all sizes and all corners of the world.  Trondent currently provides services in over 150 countries. 

Our solutions

Authorizer AI – Authorizer AI is a post-booking approval solution, harnessing the power of AI to provide infinitely customizable approval process for each corporate client.  Authorizer was the first product to automate pre-trip approvals in the travel industry and, over the years, has become our flagship product. It stands as the most advanced solution of its kind on the market today and it is used by over 2200 corporations worldwide. 

Authorizer Travel Request – pre-booking approval solution with custom-developed website and approval process for each corporate client.  AI-driven rules engine supports broad functionality so corporate clients can prevent unacceptable spend before it occurs. 

Data Consolidation – Trondent provides various travel data-related services such as

  • custom reporting based on selected booking elements and based on custom-defined rules;
  • XML, JSON, or PDF file transmission via different transmission methods
  • Travel data transmission to ERP and mid-office tools, as well as any third-party database

ProFILER Express - the first traveler profile solution on the market and is still the Gold Standard in profile management.  Allowing travelers to manage their own profiles is a win-win choice for both TMCs and corporate clients.  Synchronises profile data in real-time to multiple GDS, OBT, and third-party databases.

GroupASSIST - automates the creation of arrival and departure manifests, saving agents many hours of manual data input

eTRAK – automated reporting on unused tickets across multiple GDSs, TMCs, and OBTs. 

AirWEB Express – custom-branded itinerary solution for a single itinerary style regardless where travel is booked.

Custom Development – Development is our middle name, literally!  From custom development of solutions for various travel providers, white-labeling existing solutions, to enhancing the functionality of your current software product – we do it all!  Please talk to us about your software development ideas.

Who are our clients?

TMCs of all sizes worldwide – our solutions help TMCs provide exceptional service to their clients while minimizing the time agents spend on tedious manual or overly complex tasks.

Corporate Clients –large global organizations use Trondent’s solutions with the goals of implementing a single, uniform processes for the entire organization and maintaining an independent and agile travel program.

Risk Management Companies – Trondent’s real-time travel data capture and flexible transmission technologies support travel risk management operations for a highly reliable and timely operations.

Event Management Companies –

GDSs – we work with all GDSs globally to manage our clients’ operations in multiple locations; we also provide profile synchronization services to and between the different GDS providers.

OBTs – Trondent synchronises profile data to OBTs, can work with any of them to provide an enhanced, customisable pre-trip approval solution to corporate clients, or an OBT can white label any of our pre-trip approval solution options.

Please book an appointment through the diary or simply stop by our booth L43 to say hello.

Tell us your USP

We deliver relevant, easy-to-use technology that can fit into any GDS, TMC and OBT environment - designed for the global market.


1300 S. Grove Ave., Ste 204
United States
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Product category

  • Online Booking Tools/Travel Technology


  • A Service Providing Company
  • Agri, Forestry, Fisheries
  • A Manufacturing Company
  • Automotive/Transportation
  • Banking, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate
  • Construction/ Engineering/Infrastructure/ Telecoms
  • Diversified Company
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Media/Advertising/Communications/Marketing
  • Mining, Chem, Energy
  • Non-Profit Organization/NGO
  • Medical/Healthcare/Pharma
  • Education
  • Energy/Utilities/Mining
  • Other Manufacturing
  • Professional Services (Business, Legal, Consulting)
  • Sports/Entertainment
  • Travel Mgmt Co/Agency/Meetings
  • Technology/Electronics
  • Trade/Non-Profit Organization
  • Travel Supplier (not Business Travel Agent)
  • Travel, Tourism and Hospitality
  • Wholesale/Retail/Dist (Non-Travel)

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