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JTB Business Travel

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JTB Business Travel

JTB Business Travel is committed to delivering exceptional travel experiences while driving positive change in the industry. A global leader in business travel management with a focus on sustainability and innovation, we provide tailor-made solutions for businesses of all sizes.

What truly sets JTB Business Travel apart is our perfectly fit-to-size approach that excels at simplifying travel management for small- and medium-sized enterprises. Our array of superior services and advanced technologies empower businesses and their employees with all the necessary tools for more effective travel management in every phase of the global travel process.


From planning and booking to in-trip experiences and post-trip filing of expenses our expertise adds value throughout the travel experience. By partnering with best-in-class brands, JTB equips businesses with innovative tools to manage their travel program more effectively.


JTB Business Travel is global in service and local in knowledge; for more information, visit

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From Planning and Booking to In-trip Experiences and Post-trip Expense Reporting Support, We Empower Your Business.


Standon House
1st Floor
21 Mansell Street
E1 8AA
United Kingdom
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Product category

  • Travel Management Company/Agency


  • Travel Mgmt Co/Agency/Meetings

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