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One connection is all it takes...

We believe in the power of connectivity at Conferma. Our mission is to simplify global commerce, so companies can connect and do business anywhere, in any ecosystem.

How we started

Our story began in 2003 when we saw a gap in the market for a centralised hotel payment for large corporates. Businesses needed help with inefficient pre-existing hotel billback, which caused high operating costs and transaction fees and limited hotel supplier acceptance. So, in 2005 Conferma opened its doors as a hotel booking platform with a bespoke payment solution. We allowed our customers to connect with their bank, integrate with third-party points of sale and utilise a hotel invoice collection service.

Where we are today

Today, Conferma delivers a trusted virtual payments solution for its customers. We connect over 150 procurement platforms, 75+ card issuers and hundreds of corporate travel agencies to service thousands of customers. Our payment solutions enable businesses to easily manage payments, expenses, and travel bookings, without navigating complicated and fragmented systems. We’ll continue to revolutionise the global payments market with the simplest payment solutions. In travel and beyond.

Tell us your USP

Use your TMC, book with your technology, pay with your bank... now with snap+, hotel invoice reconciliation made easy


Towers Business Park, Ocean House
Wilmslow Road, Didsbury,
M20 2RY
United Kingdom
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Product category

  • Credit Cards/Payment Systems