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18 Jun 2024

ZIM Connections Announces Newest B2B eSIM Management Platform

Zim Connections Hall: BTSE Stand: K70
ZIM Connections Announces Newest B2B eSIM Management Platform
ZIM Management Dashboard

The prominent London-based eSIM tech hub is enthusiastic about announcing the launch of the newest version of its eSIM Management Platform. 


Founded in London in 2020 by serial travellers and entrepreneurs Irina Gheorghiu and Giulia Acchioni, ZIM quickly expanded into a leading hub for eSIM technology and connectivity.


ZIM’s AI-powered marketplace offers various customisable business solutions, as demonstrated by the company's rich client portfolio.


Introducing ZIM B2B eSIM Management Platform


Our eSIM Management Platform is suited for enterprises of any size looking to ease their mobility problems and reduce operational costs associated with international connectivity. 


The platform is a convenient all-in-one portal where admins can easily assign and manage digital eSIM plans to their employees and keep track of active subscriptions, purchases by region and current spending.


Our platform partners benefit from the entire ZIM B2C catalogue at competitive prices and a dedicated support team available seven days a week.


This solution is tailored for the modern manager and built to ensure the smoothest user experience for the partner.


Case study: A large public energy company saves 35% on connectivity costs

In the last year alone, ZIM's client portfolio has expanded to over fifty partners, including Sweepay, Surfshark, and SBB—Swiss Federal Railways.


One of ZIM's most respected clients is a large enterprise active in the energy sector, with over 50 thousand employees.


This client had to manage many employees conducting business abroad and account for their connectivity expenses.


Before the beginning of the partnership, the client used to cover the roaming charges incurred by their employees while abroad without any management tool or control over the spending. Since they switched to the ZIM eSIM Management Platform, the client could assign each employee a personal digital eSIM plan, decreasing their operative costs associated with connectivity by 70% in the first quarter.


Five Interesting statistics about eSIM


  1. By 2023, over 2 billion devices will be eSIM-enabled, significantly shifting towards more flexible and integrated mobile experiences.

  2. Surveys reveal that 70% of travellers prefer eSIMs for their convenience and efficiency, highlighting the demand for connectivity for travellers.

  3. Companies integrating eSIM technology report a 30% reduction in operational costs for managing corporate telecom services.

  4. 85% of telecom operators are now investing in eSIM technology. This shows the potential to redefine mobile connectivity and customer satisfaction.

  5. eSIMs contribute to a greener planet by eliminating the need for plastic SIM cards, with an estimated 50 million fewer plastic SIM cards produced each year


Explore ZIM’s market-leading AI connectivity solutions.

ZIM is the UK's first and leading B2B eSIM marketplace, connecting thousands of travellers daily. VIa the ZIM App and the website, travellers worldwide can choose from a vast collection of local, regional, and global data, local phone numbers and unlimited packages for over 200 destinations.


Since its inception, ZIM has become a leader in user experience, market practices, and quality standards in the eSIM sector, reflecting an outstanding 85 NPS score.


At ZIM, we consider every aspect of our clients’ journeys and tailor our solutions to their needs.



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