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21 May 2024

QUIRAT, new Michelin star restaurant in Barcelona

InterContinental Barcelona & Madrid Hall: BTSE Stand: L70
QUIRAT, new Michelin star restaurant in Barcelona
QUIRAT wins its first Michelin star

The QUIRAT restaurant located in the InterContinental Barcelona hotel has been recognised for its exceptional cuisine and its commitment to quality, tradition and innovation

InterContinental Barcelona, the luxury hotel that houses QUIRAT, continues to raise its standard of excellence. Recently honoured at the World Luxury Awards for "Best Luxury Hotel in Europe" and "Best Luxury New Hotel in Europe", as well as at the "Best Hotel Awards" for Best Luxury Hotel for the Wellbeing of its Guests and "Best Hotel Gourmet," InterContinental Barcelona reaffirms its position as an exceptional destination for lovers of exclusivity.

Victor Torres: Positioned in the world of MICHELIN Stars

The prodigious chef behind QUIRAT restaurant, Victor Torres established himself as a leading figure in the culinary world by adding another MICHELIN Star to his collection at the latest 2023 awards gala. Torres demonstrates his culinary mastery and loyalty to his roots. The secret of his success: an unwavering commitment to quality and tradition.

Victor Torres, the youngest chef in Spain to win a MICHELIN Star, attributes his success to the trust placed in his suppliers, highlighting the passion and dedication of his staff. He stresses the importance of maintaining strong ties with those who understand and share his culinary vision.

With its philosophy focused on "the simplicity of the authentic," QUIRAT restaurant elevates the senses with exquisite dishes that celebrate the season and local produce. The essence of the restaurant is manifested in the perfect combination of tradition, modernity and innovation, creating a unique dining experience.

QUIRAT stands as a culinary jewel, earning its first MICHELIN Star to its constellation of successes and consolidating itself as a gastronomic reference on the international scene. With the unrivalled value of InterContinental Barcelona and the exceptional talent of Victor Torres, QUIRAT continues to dazzle lovers of haute cuisine and redefine the standards of gastronomic excellence.


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