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11 Nov 2019

Optimising travel programmes using Capita's unique tools

Optimising travel programmes using Capita's unique tools
Alex Singleton, Ann Thomas, Steve Wade and Trevor Elswood discussing one of the empathy mapping tools.

For the first Smarter working workshop, Capita invited customers who have travel programmes varying in levels of maturity and were looking for insight into the next generation of savings, while balancing the wellbeing of employees.


Hosted by Jonti Dalal-Small, Head of Behavioural Science at Capita Travel and Events, the workshops focus on practically applying Smarter working into the everyday trip environment. More than just travel, the Smarter working approach helps with wider organisational objectives of productivity, connectivity, health, wellbeing and reduced attrition.

“Many of our customers have done as much as they can in their procurement roles. They want something new from their travel programme that realises value while not compromising on cost savings,” says Jonti.

“Our customers ultimately want to make smarter decisions – and they want their travellers to travel smarter - and these workshops demonstrate our value-added consultancy and allow us to co-design this approach together.”

Improving traveller wellbeing is high on the agenda. The workshops demonstrate the impact of booking models and nudging, and provide consultancy with innovative ways to shape travel policies by keeping cost efficiencies and different personality types in mind.

By using this unique combination of psychology, data analytics and cutting-edge products to deliver insights, as well as an empathy mapping tool, Capita are consulting customers on the benefits of moving to behavioural science approach to managing travel programme. The empathy mapping techniques and data insight from maturity matrixes, really brings this approach to life and provides meaningful ideas for change.

Customers are leaving the interactive workshops with an awareness of opportunities, ideas on maximising the impact of travel on wellbeing, a consideration of the total trip costs and smarter methods of communication to encourage behavioural changes.

Kay Gabor - Head of Travel, Expenses, Benefits & Fleet of Compass Group UK & Ireland, supports the travel programme for over 10,000 employees in the UK. She said: “We are in a position where we have a well-managed and mature UK programme but have continuous objectives to keep costs low, so we need something that balances the two and works together. We’re looking to adopt some of Capita’s Smarter working recommendations as a way of increasing the value of our travel programme.

“Following the Smarter working Workshop, we’re intending to work more closely with our Account Manager to explore possibilities of reducing our cost base across rail bookings, using smart communications as the method of engagement. Together, we intend to analyse booking and travel behaviours to enable us to set measurable outcomes and take a smarter approach going forwards.”

“It’s all about partnership and thinking about what we do day-to-day differently. We want these workshops to give an indication of how opportunities might work in the real world,” explained Alex Singleton, Director of Customer Partnerships.

“With high compliance and tight policies, it’s now about the next generation of savings and influencing the choices people make. Our journey has not been overnight; we are now in a position to bring better data insight and build technology with this intelligence in mind.

“One of the biggest successes was the bespoke maturity matrix, which was produced by our customer programme optimisation team to identify areas of improvement and key opportunities. In fact, the team will use these alongside the empathy mapping in their account management sessions – something that no other travel management company is doing.”

Since the workshops commenced, Capita has been working with employees, customers and suppliers. There are plans to roll-out further smarter working workshops in relation to meetings and events.


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