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10 Dec 2019

Egencia announces a new Carbon Emissions Workspace

Egencia announces a new Carbon Emissions Workspace

Carbon Emissions Workspace to help customers act on their business travel carbon footprint

 Egencia announces a self-service Carbon Emissions Workspace with Dashboards for Air and Hotels is now available to customers through Egencia Analytics Studio.  The new Dashboards provide organisations with real-time data, reporting and insights to optimise their travel program. A Dashboard for rail is launching in early 2020.

The Carbon Emissions Workspace use a proprietary algorithm, developed by Egencia data scientists, based on international industry standards for tracking carbon emissions. These standards were developed by the UK’s Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA); and are viewed by government regulators as the benchmark standards for estimating travel carbon emissions. Egencia customers can use the data provided in their Carbon Emissions Workspace for tax and regulatory purposes, where required.

Read more in our press release here:

And find out more about the Co2 workspace:


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