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31 Jul 2024

Data at the Forefront of Innovation: Cornerstone Introduces a Unified Platform for Advanced Travel, Data and Spend Management

Cornerstone Hall: BTSE Stand: L45
Data at the Forefront of Innovation: Cornerstone Introduces a Unified Platform for Advanced Travel, Data and Spend Management
Cornerstone launches game-changing integrated data-spend-travel platform

Garbage in, headaches out. Poor quality data, the huge number of sources with different formats, lack of consistent names and formats and more keep basic operations, analytics and new advancements like AI and NDC from reaching their full potential. Cornerstone is building on its long history of automation and data management to resolve the data issues at their root and power our advanced automation solutions for spend management and travel operations.  

Cornerstone is unveiling the new Cornerstone Platform, integrating its Spend Management company, ApexConnect, with its robust travel operations solutions and a pioneering data platform. This integrated platform creates the industry's only comprehensive solution that combines travel operations, spend (expense and invoice) management, and advanced data solutions into a single platform. By placing data at the core, the Cornerstone Platform addresses the complexities and evolving trends in travel, data, and spend management in one complete platform, setting a new standard in the industry. 

The integration puts data at the core to overcome industry challenges, including New Distribution Capability (NDC), cost control, data silos, the changing nature of business travel, and the critical role of artificial intelligence. "Data unifies and underpins every aspect of our platform, enhancing the success and operational efficiency of companies," said Mat Orrego, CEO of Cornerstone Information Systems. "This unified platform not only streamlines data management across the organization but also leverages it to drive advanced analytics and AI functionalities, marking a significant leap forward for the industry." 

Every part of the travel industry has struggled with separate systems that handle different aspects of travel, data, and spend operations. The Cornerstone Platform eliminates these silos, integrating data across all functions to provide the seamless, efficient, and more insightful business operations needed to succeed in today’s rapidly changing business environment. This integration is crucial for online travel agencies, travel management companies, agencies, and other travel sellers who need to adapt to rapid changes and demanding regulatory environments. 

The data platform brings travel, expense and spend data into a single data lake, then applies the latest technology and data science methods to deliver a single source of clean, complete, standardized data to power all systems. This takes our travel operations and spend management solutions, which have been fine-tuned at global scale, to the next level.  

"With the launch of this integrated platform, Cornerstone is reshaping the landscape of travel, data, and spend management," Orrego added. "Our legacy in travel operations, combined with our spend and data expertise, now serves as both a foundation and a launchpad to innovation for our clients, propelling them into a future where data drives decision-making and efficiency." 


About Cornerstone Information Systems 

Cornerstone is dedicated to enhancing travel, data and spend management for businesses worldwide. With a history rooted in innovation, Cornerstone delivers solutions that integrate travel, spend, and data management into a single platform, enabling businesses to navigate the complexities of modern travel management with ease and precision. 

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