We never sell our data to brokers or sellers so beware!

As organisers, we are very careful with data. We do not sell your data nor do we sell our visitor data.

Unfortunately, we have seen many examples of scam emails and letters over the years pretending to be from us and offering visitor data at a price or asking for exhibitors to sign a fake show guide entry that ties them into a financial contract.

These communications will not be from us. Do not be tempted to follow up on these offers, instead, delete the email.

Please note that this year we are not producing an official show guide and our exhibitors will only be able to update their profile in the ezone which will then transfer to Swapcard for our virtual and onsite app. You should not expect to fill out any other paperwork for catalogues.

Be vigilant as to what you are signing or agreeing to and if in any doubt, get in touch with your Business Travel Show Europe account manager to check the authenticity.

We recommend checking out this handy guide from the AEO - read here

Scam companies include:

  • madiglobe.tech
  • saggitarius.agency
  • Reach Industry Leads 
  • Trade Faire Lists
  • ointec.tec
  • Expo Prime List
  • Leads For Business Engagement
  • Genesis Media

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