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Business Travel Innovation Faceoff - Part Two

19 Jun 2024
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Business travel innovation faceoff
Part two of this year’s Business Travel Innovation Faceoff sees 3Sixty, Alō Index and Mesh Payments present their cutting-edge products, technologies or services to the judging panel and audience.

The mission of 3Sixty is to transform the way extended-stay travel is sourced and purchased by creating a seamless digitally controlled high quality, curated, compliant accommodation experience. 3Sixty is a state-of-the-art marketplace that reduces the noise in extended-stay travel. The result is a consistent, quality experience that creates an expectation: if you book a 3Sixty stay for your employees, you know they’ll feel at home. The 3Sixty team has spent more than 30 years building the industry’s most robust network of over 1 million globally compliant accommodations in 60 countries. 3Sixty’s flexible bid feature increases compliance and control while delivering choice, flexibility, and optimized spend. With a mix of machine learning and human expertise - the marketplace aggregates and curates suitable housing for clients and their employees.

Alō Index
Alō Index is a two-sidedB2B platform that puts ESG procurement solutions in the hands of enterprise travel managers and hotel sales teams. Enterprises can finally compare and select sustainable hotels that meet business travel ESG requirements, and hotels can leverage their ESG initiatives to meet their sales goals. Alō Index’s systemic approach takes a deep dive into all E, S, and G components including carbon, waste and water initiatives, biodiversity, community economic and social impact, human rights, and cultural initiatives.

Mesh Payments
Mesh Payments is an expense and travel platform for modern global companies. Mesh makes it easy to manage and control global spending across multiple entities and currencies, from saving on FX with local currency cards to customizing policies, approvals, automations and integrations.  Purpose-built for the demands of the modern workforce, the Mesh platform brings together a connected experience for travel and expense that offers unmatched control and efficiency. Mesh simplifies the management of preferred TMCs and streamlines the entire expense management process; ensuring policy adherence while tracking real-time expenses, enhancing financial transparency, easing reconciliation, and reducing the administrative burden on employees, travel teams and finance departments.
Steve Clagg - Microsoft
Carine Morin - Service Now
Ian Spearing - Travel Evolution Consulting
Gee Mann - Travlr ID
Beatriz Schwarz - 3Sixty
Oded Zehavi - Mesh Payments
Anna Feinberg - Alō Index
Leanne Turner - Alō Index


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