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Business Travel Innovation Faceoff - Part Three

20 Jun 2024
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Business travel innovation faceoff
Part three of this year’s Business Travel Innovation Faceoff sees DWELLoptimal, eco.mio and Lumo present their cutting-edge products, technologies or services to the judging panel and audience.
DWELLoptimal is a real estate technology company that provides companies a dedicated, secure work|live platform - both software and physical spaces - with the primary motivation of providing deeper connectivity to the remote worker. DWELL was designed for companies to harness the power of remote workers and provide for a more seamless onboarding experience of new employees. In addition to providing actual work|live environments, our travel utilization software allows companies to manage all aspects of their secure real-estate portfolios.

Unlocking sustainability in business travel, eco.mio brings a game-changing plug-in to booking platforms like Concur or Cytric. With clients like Roland Berger and Kearney, the solution has not only slashed emissions from corporate travel by 20% but has also delivered significant cost savings.The configurable system goes beyond mere transparency—it empowers employees to make greener and more cost-effective travel choices through carbon taxes, gentle nudges, gamification elements, and enticing incentives. This approach empowers employees without imposing rigid travel policies, actively engaging them in achieving corporate climate goals.

Lumo is an AI-powered flight disruption management that allows the entire travel ecosystem to proactively plan for and manage disruptions. Lumo’s microservice based model delivers predictions through APIs and dashboards, allowing customers to integrate our predictions with traveler- and agent-facing tools to help travelers, arrangers, meetings/events planners, and travel agents proactively avoid disruptions instead of simply reacting to them. Lumo drives better decisions before, during, and after a trip: our APIs and browser extension facilitate better choices at the point of sale by displaying a flight’s delay risk during the booking flow, our monitoring tools help users stay informed and suggest alternatives in the event of a potential disruption, and our post-trip reporting helps travel managers design better programs by quantifying traveler wellness and scorecarding travel suppliers. Lumo’s customers span the entire travel ecosystem. From TMC agents who use Lumo to monitor disruptions, to airlines who use Lumo to optimize crew and aircraft utilization, to travel call centers who use our predictions to better plan for and mitigate workload spikes, Lumo’s disruption management solutions drive greater efficiency and productivity across the entire travel ecosystem.
Steve Clagg - Microsoft
Carine Morin - Service Now
Ian Spearing - Travel Evolution Consulting
Gee Mann - Travlr ID
Craig James - Dwell Optimal
Bala Chandran - Lumo
Sarah Benarey - Eco.mio


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