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Business Travel Innovation Faceoff - Part One

19 Jun 2024
Show Floor Theatre 1
Business travel innovation faceoff

Part one of this year’s Business Travel Innovation Faceoff sees Groundspan, TripStax and Zenmer present their cutting-edge products, technologies or services to the judging panel and audience.

GroundSpan is the industry leading, neutral ground transportation booking and management solution for global corporations that creates efficient multi-channel booking environments, maximizes use of preferred vetted ground vendors, drives local logical fare plus proper vendor utilization and provides an easy-to-use suite of reports/data for improved decision making in ground category. GroundSpan has connectivity to 7,000+ ground transportation partners, 1,500+ corporate accounts, and has been chosen as the preferred vendor for all the leading TMCs, OBTs and GDSs.  GroundSpan is a proven tool with years of experience that disrupts the category positively offering value to all key constituents to ensure this operates smoothly leading maximum results in regard to quality, safety, pricing, and spend management.  

TripStax is modular stack of ten proprietary cloud-based API connected travel management modules (Approve, Analytics, Content, Docs, Hotels, Mobile, Portal, Profile, Track and QC) powered by the TripStax Core an unrivalled data-processing engine. The Core consumes, enriches and normalises booking, profile and finance data from any content source. The Core transforms the data management process as it doesn’t require a GDS centric PNR. It becomes the sole ‘source of truth’ for TMCs’ corporate client data, ensuring the clean, accurate flow of that data to each TripStax module. TripStax is built on a groundbreaking,cost reducing commercial model for our customers. Most technology vendors charge TMCs multiple and costly transaction fees based on the consumption and storage of data. TripStax only charges once for ingestion of data, regardless of how many times that data is processed within one of the TripStax modules. TripStax is leading the charge for the iterative transformation that the business travel tech landscape needs, by changing how travel data is consumed, managed and utilised.

Zenmer is an SaaS-based Global & Shared Business Travel Platform for TMCs, Corporations and Suppliers to maximize revenue, improve traveler experience, and reduce leakage using web and mobile apps. Corporations can manage their global travel spend in a single dashboard with complete control and real-time insight into all global locations, also allowing them to work with multiple TMCs, suppliers, and tech companies using secure Open-APIs. TMCs can use the Agent Desktop to book and service clients with full visibility into the client’s travel policy program. The proprietary Order Management System (OMS) standardizes the end-to-end booking and post-ticketing process independent of any supplier or Point Of Sale. The Open-API platform allows 3rd party developers to enable TMCs and Corporations with value-added services like CO2 offsets, on-trip upselling, travel alerts, duty of care and more.

Steve Clagg - Microsoft
Carine Morin - Service Now
Ian Spearing - Travel Evolution Consulting
Gee Mann - Travlr ID
Jack Ramsey - TripStax
Nikunj Agrawal - Zenmer
Tony Bonnano - Groundspan


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