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18 Jun 2024

ZIM Connections: Empower Your Business with Connectivity

Zim Connections Hall: BTSE Stand: K70
ZIM Connections: Empower Your Business with Connectivity

ZIM is the UK's leading eSIM marketplace. Founded in London in 2020 by serial travellers and entrepreneurs Irina Gheorghiu and Giulia Acchioni, ZIM quickly expanded into a leading hub for eSIM technology and connectivity.

What exactly is an eSIM, and how can it help your business?

An eSIM is a digital SIM card built into most mobile phone models today. It allows you to access instant connectivity without switching out your physical SIM. Using this technology while travelling abroad can avoid high roaming fees, making switching network carriers easy.


Suppose you are a company looking to include virtual local data plans in your offer, or you are looking into a more affordable connectivity solution for your employees; in this case, consider eSIM and ZIM Connections as prospect partners.


Five Interesting statistics about eSIM


  1. By 2023, over 2 billion devices will be eSIM-enabled, significantly shifting towards more flexible and integrated mobile experiences.

  2. Surveys reveal that 70% of travellers prefer eSIMs for their convenience and efficiency, highlighting the demand for connectivity for travellers.

  3. Companies integrating eSIM technology report a 30% reduction in operational costs for managing corporate telecom services.

  4. 85% of telecom operators are now investing in eSIM technology. This shows the potential to redefine mobile connectivity and customer satisfaction.

  5. eSIMs contribute to a greener planet by eliminating the need for plastic SIM cards, with an estimated 50 million fewer plastic SIM cards produced each year.

Explore ZIM’s market-leading AI connectivity solutions.

ZIM is the UK's first and leading b2b eSIM marketplace, connecting thousands of travellers daily. VIa the ZIM App and the website, travellers worldwide can choose from a vast collection of local, regional, and global data, local phone numbers and unlimited packages for over 200 destinations.

Since its inception, ZIM has become a leader in user experience, market practices, and quality standards in the eSIM sector, reflecting an outstanding 85 NPS score.

In the last year alone, ZIM's client portfolio has expanded to over twenty partners, including Sweepay, Surfshark, Allianz and SBB—Swiss Federal Railways.


At ZIM, we consider every aspect of our clients’ journeys and tailor our solutions to their needs.


ZIM’s offer comprises three distinct products:


  1. Our eSIM Management Platform is suited for enterprises looking to ease their mobility problems and reduce operational costs associated with international connectivity.

  2. Our No-Code Integration is envisioned for businesses that want to expand their offer and increase their NPS score by entering the eSIM world. It allows you to start selling eSIM plans on your platform in less than three weeks without your dev team doing the hard work.

  3. Our White Label solution is ideal for any partner looking to expand their offer beyond their product and become a first mover in the eSIM world with their eSIM marketplace mobile app.

Case study: ZIM@SBB Swiss precision meets British tech

We've developed a bespoke eSIM marketplace mobile app in partnership with SBB- Swiss Federal Railways. It is designed for SBB customers using multiple languages and payment systems native to Swiss nationals. Our tech team worked tirelessly to develop an app uniquely catered to SBB requirements.

 This partnership with SBB reflects our shared goal - revolutionising how travellers stay connected.

Since its official launch in late February, ZIM@SBB has gained significant traction within the Swiss market. Because of its partnership with the Swiss Federal Railway, it is positioning itself as one of the strongest players and leading references in the connectivity, mobility, and transportation sectors.

ZIM will attend the Business Travel Show Europe from June 19th to 20th at booth K70. Meet ZIM CEO and co-founder Irina and our Partnership Development representative Pablo to learn how ZIM can help empower your business with connectivity and our AI-powered eSIM solutions.

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