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Navigating business travel during UEFA Euro 2024

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Navigating business travel during UEFA Euro 2024

Could business travel during Euro 2024 be disrupted? Germany hosts the UEFA Euro 2024 this summer (14 June – 14 July), with 24 football teams competing across 51 matches and millions of fans travelling to support their team.

Events of this scale can present challenges to corporate travel. The influx of visitors and heightened level of activity may cause disruption. Follow these tips on how to navigate business travel during Euro 2024.

1. Use alternative transport methods

UEFA EURO 2024 aims to be the greenest EURO tournament of all time. Match ticket holders are entitled to discounted national and international train tickets and public transport travel passes.

Due to these incentives, the Deutsche Bahn and public transport networks in host cities are likely to be very busy. Pre-booking private car transfers rather than relying on taxis will remove the stress of limited taxi availability and provide business travellers with more time to reach their destinations.

Many of the host cities are walkable, so consider taking a scenic walk through the city to avoid the surge in travellers on public transport.

2. Have flexible plans

Due to the influx of travellers, expect journeys around host cities to take longer. In particular, areas around fan zones will be especially busy.

Germany’s rail union EVG, had warned of strike action during the tournament. The latest update is that it will strike between 14 – 16 June.

3. Avoid host cities during match days

If you are embarking on business travel during Euro 2024, if possible, avoid host cities, particularly city centres and around the stadiums on match days. Check match schedules to identify days when public transport demand will be particularly high to minimise disruptions.

If you must travel around host cities during match days, consider making travel plans that avoid congested areas.

4. Consider different accommodation options

With millions of fans expected to travel to the host cities, securing accommodation in the city centres will be difficult. Consider staying in the outskirts or nearby towns to avoid the higher demand and increased prices.

5. Stay informed with travel updates

Sign up for travel alerts from your travel management company (TMC), from airlines and local travel providers, such as the Deutsche Bahn and public transport in host cities. Review the official Euro 2024 app and check the official tournament website to stay informed of anything that might affect your plans while in Germany.

Utilise the support of your TMC to ensure you remain up to date with the latest alerts and guidance. Reed & Mackay’s 24/7 Global Incident Management Unit monitors multiple channels to guarantee travellers are aware of potential disruptions.

Lastly, check guidance from your government. For example, the UK government has provided travel advice for Germany during the tournament.

6. Health and safety

Make sure you have travel insurance that covers disruption caused by events and emergencies. Be aware of, and comply with, local health and safety regulations, which can differ between host cities.

Additionally, with an influx of travellers from multiple countries, it is important to respect local cultural sensitivities.

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