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22 Mar 2023

Meeting With Purpose E-book: How to Bridge the Divide Between Dispersed Employees

With signs that the new hybrid workplace is here to stay, you may be looking for a strategy to adapt your business and engage your teams so they’re as happy and productive as possible. Gallup research indicates that employees feel less connected to their company culture and team collaboration doesn’t happen as fluidly as it did before hybrid work arrangements became so prevalent.

Internal meetings are key

Travel and meeting leaders can bridge the divide between dispersed employees and foster a sense of belonging to their brand with more intentional in-person meetings. In our latest e-book, “Meeting With Purpose,” you’ll find out why internal team meetings can be key to your business. The e-book provides strong evidence that face-to-face meetings are more than a nice-to-have, they’re a must.

Face-to-face time among colleagues can lead to interpersonal trust that enables stronger collaboration. The recruitment of new hires is another factor to consider. In the old days of working, recent hires had more exposure to veteran employees in the office. Learning the ins and outs of their company and desired work styles happened naturally for many newcomers. Business leaders have an opportunity to revive employee role modeling through more purposeful meetings. For geographically dispersed employees, that could mean a hotel meeting room that’s equidistant from their homes. On the other hand, regular weekly office meetings might be the solution for employees clustered around the metropolitan office.

Link in-person meetings to objectives

Live interactions, whether they involve getting teams together on a regular basis or booking a venue for a companywide gathering, can serve a multitude of purposes – team bonding, company celebrations, and volunteer efforts to name a few.  An article in Business Travel News states that travel should be linked to objectives. It’s a good idea to take a look inside at your own business to see how more purposeful meetings can best serve your needs. Are you recruiting new talent? Looking to invest in skill development? Aiming to reinvigorate a weakened corporate culture? You’ll find that in-person meetings managed effectively can put you on the right path to achieving your purpose.

Get proof points of the value creation

In our newly evolved business world, the case for internal meetings has never been stronger, but we realize the realities of rising travel costs can pose budget challenges for some companies today. Our “Meeting With Purpose” e-book provides clear-cut evidence that internal meetings are worth the investment. Through informative industry insights, revealing statistics, and practical tips from a renowned business leader in productivity, you’ll have convincing reasons to put internal meetings high on your priority list.

Download your copy today!

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