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It’s time to … switch FaceTime for face time.

It’s time to … switch FaceTime for face time.

You may have seen our recent email – the one that says, ‘it’s time to get off that Zoom call and meet up in person again’. We all understand the value of connecting in-person when it comes to doing business and, as we enter a post-pandemic reality, face to face has never been more important to get us all back on track.

Business Travel Show Europe exhibitor TripActions summed it up neatly in a new, downloadable guide called Value of In Person Connections, which shared some really interesting insights, including:

  • 83% of business travellers and 79% of travel managers agree that for getting things done, meeting in person is more effective than meeting virtually
  • Business travellers believe 42% of customers would eventually be lost without in-person meetings
  • Prospects are twice as likely to become customers when an in-person meeting is involved

Many of these meetings wouldn’t happen, of course, without travel, and the TripActions guide outlines three very important reasons why it’s crucial to send staff back out into the field once it’s safe to do so, of course.

  • Holding a meeting

Being present with others in a meeting environment fosters an easier exchange of thoughts and ideas. People respond to a range of cues to understand and become comfortable with others; all of the subtlety and subtext in an interaction is fully in play. This can help close a deal, give rise to new ideas, and bring people closer.

  • Checking in

For companies with multiple bases—or, say, manufacturing facilities abroad—visiting means seeing operations first-hand, enjoying spontaneous connections, and creating the potential to identify new approaches. For remote employees, these visits also underscore that headquarters is paying attention and makes them feel seen, heard and valued.

  • Team building

Making the investment to bring employees together helps create a sense of unity and team bonding. These gatherings also allow for the chance to put faces to names and increase understanding between colleagues and departments. Plus, changing locations can spark creativity and generate ideas and innovation.

To download the TripActions guide for free, simply click this link.  

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