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01 May 2024

Introducing CIBT Assure, an innovative A1 compliance solution

CIBT Hall: BTSE Stand: H87
Introducing CIBT Assure, an innovative A1 compliance solution
CIBT Assure

Introducing CIBT Assure: Your pathway to complete A1 compliance for all your employees

Navigating the challenge of remaining compliant while your employees travel and work across Europe just got more manageable. We’re delighted to introduce CIBT Assure, a new platform that ensures seamless A1 compliance with ease and precision. 

CIBT Assure uses proprietary database intelligence and proven methods to automate A1 form submissions for employers across multiple countries. We currently serve 29 of the 32 countries that require A1 forms, with complete coverage coming soon.  

What is the A1 form? 

The A1 form is an instrument used across the EU, EEA, Switzerland, and the UK. It proves that an employee remains covered under their home country's social security system while temporarily working in another one or more of these countries. 

The A1 form is primarily designed for individuals temporarily posted abroad for work purposes by their employer. It ensures they're exempt from social security contributions in the host country, provided they continue to pay social security in their home country. 

Under various EU regulations and bilateral agreements, employers are obligated to apply for the A1 form for their employees before sending them abroad for work, ensuring compliance with the respective legislation.  

CIBT Assure goes beyond submission—it warns of potential rejection or audit-triggering data. Up to 34% of A1 applications submitted not using CIBT Assure get rejected. Our service mitigates the risks associated with inaccurate entries and ultimately reduces exposure to inspections. Employers can now have total peace of mind and benefit from a central repository for all necessary evidence in case of an audit. 

Why trust CIBT Assure with your A1 compliance needs?  

Empowering Users: Employees are unlikely to be familiar with travel requirements relating to international social security compliance. CIBT Assure provides comprehensive video guidance, help text and FAQs, eliminating the need for your business to deploy more expensive support resources. 

Ensuring Continuity: We understand the criticality of seamless service. Our automated system alerts and rectifies any changes within government systems, reducing disruptions that could impact compliance, deployment, or employee experience. 

Efficiency from the Get-Go: CIBT Assure streamlines onboarding by integrating with government databases, auto-populating employer questionnaires, and facilitating automated workflows—reducing employer input and avoiding potential errors being sent to authorities. With CIBT Assure, A1 forms can be filed in 60 seconds compared to 3-12 weeks for manual submission.  

Advocacy at Work: Benefit from our extensive advocacy efforts. We've negotiated friendlier filing processes with local governments—shifting filing responsibility from employer to employee in countries like the Netherlands and Czech Republic—saving time, cost, and complexity. 

Ready to lock in A1 form compliance? 

At CIBTvisas, we're committed to simplifying and enhancing your compliance journey. Trust CIBT Assure for unparalleled ease, reliability, and peace of mind as your employees work and travel across Europe.  

Stop by booth BTSE H87 to meet the team and learn more about CIBT Assure. 

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