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21 May 2024

The Garden

InterContinental Barcelona & Madrid Hall: BTSE Stand: L70
The Garden
The Garden, InterContinental Barcelona

Operat ing under IHG Green Engage, we track environmental impact.

Our 2,000 sqm garden fosters freshness and energy efficiency.

InterContinental® Barcelona has been awarded in the Barcelona Sustainable Tourism 2022 Awards with the distinction in the category of environmental sustainability for the scenic project of a 2,000 sqm landscaped roof. It lodges a wide assortment of native vegetation including aromatic and medicinal plants, shrubs, fruit trees or lawns, and a garden to enjoy fresher food in our restaurants QUIRAT and Gebre. Additionally, we have implemented insect hotels to foster biodiversity.


It was designed by ZinCo Cubiertas Ecológicas S.L, along with Jardineria Font, and will generate savings of 30% in the energy consumption of the rooms and will have a positive impact on the urban landscape, enriching it and becoming a great green lung.

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