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25 Mar 2024



When two powerhouses join forces: get ready for a single, extraordinary solution to corporate travel, meetings and event.

We’re creating something extraordinary in business travel, meetings and events. The strategic acquisition of Agiito by Clarity Business Travel and Brighter earlier fuses years of unparalleled expertise and enviable reputations for service, but what does it mean for the industry?

Before the curtain lifts on an exciting future, the fourth-largest Travel Management Company in the UK, our 847 industry talents and combined cutting-edge technology are already delivering benefits to customers.

Bright minds, brighter solutions

With almost 900 of the industry’s brightest minds, we’ve brought together a wealth of knowledge, experience and creativity. The fusion of specialised travel, meetings and events expertise guarantees innovative solutions tailored to meet the needs of every customer. From seamless travel management to flawless event execution, we ensure excellence at every turn.

Cutting-edge technology

It’s not just about having the brightest minds; we embrace the philosophy of balancing the right technology with the right people. The combined power of industry-leading travel and meetings technology means we provide customers with a seamless, one-stop shop technology suite for all that comes with booking travel and meetings. Our multi-award-winning booking system and meetings management tools are all geared towards putting the power back into users' hands to streamline processes for a seamless booking experience.

Customer service and satisfaction

Clarity became a member of The Institute of Customer Service in 2020. We don’t want to stop learning and improving, and as the Institute is the authority on customer service in the UK, we’ve gained access to the Institute’s research, training and networking. ServiceMark is awarded based on customer satisfaction feedback and an assessment of employee engagement with our customer service strategy. It will help us understand the effectiveness of our customer service strategy and identify areas for improvement.

One of the biggest corporate accommodation bookers in the UK

As Clarity welcomed Agiito to its ranks, we cemented our place as one of the largest corporate accommodation booker in the UK. This milestone highlights our collective strength and specialist knowledge as industry leaders. Buying power This powerhouse collaboration hasn’t just created the fourth largest TMC in the UK but also positioned us as a dominant force that can use our exceptional buying power of over £750m to ensure our customers benefit from cost-effective solutions, negotiating favourable rates and accessing exclusive perks.

Industry recognition and awards

The collaborative efforts of Clarity, Agiito and Brighter Events haven’t gone unnoticed, with various prestigious industry awards that recognise our people, technology and propositions. From the ITM Achievement Awards to The Business Travel People Awards, the unified company stands as a beacon of excellence, setting industry standards and garnering accolades across the board. Join us on our journey Our unparalleled expertise seamlessly integrates travel, meetings and events like no other. At its heart, this combination fuses exceptional service, the power of human connection and cutting-edge technology, all geared towards facilitating safe and sustainable travel and work engagements for organisations.

Beyond the here and now, there’s a lot more to come. If you want to find out what comes next, stand J41 of The Business Travel Show Europe is the place to be. We’ll see you there!

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