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30 May 2023

Why are Direct ATPI the perfect travel partner for sustainable solutions?

Why are Direct ATPI the perfect travel partner for sustainable solutions?

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the world of business travel, but how can you identify a partner that will deliver on their promises? Pippa Ganderton, ATPI Halo Product Director, shares why Direct ATPI is best placed to offer your business sustainable solutions.

Sustainable travel may be something of a buzz phrase, but at Direct ATPI, we’ve demonstrated our commitment to carbon reduction by launching an industry-leading in-house solution: ATPI Halo.

Through ATPI Halo, we’ve been able to support our clients by sourcing best-in-class partners for both carbon measurement and voluntary carbon offset projects. By helping clients to measure, reduce, and offset their travel-related CO2 footprint, we are proud to be able to provide sustainable solutions for business travel; an area that often makes up a large proportion of a company’s overall GHG emissions.

An Adaptable Approach

There is no one-size-fits-all; the sustainable solutions we offer are tailored to each client and proposed with their specialisms in mind. The verified carbon reduction projects we select on their behalf reflect the initiatives they wish to support (everything from renewable energy to mangrove regeneration) and offer complete transparency. They also reflect geographic locations where they operate and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that clients wish to support with their valuable investments.

Clients can choose to engage in any each of the three focus areas tackled by our Measure-Reduce-Offset methodology.

Clients who already have mature ESG strategies in place but need more visibility of their travel emissions can benefit from our Carbon Analytics and measurement technology, while those who are at the beginning of their sustainability journey may initially value a more consultative approach.

Our expert Direct ATPI Account Managers have the knowledge and experience to provide informed guidance and support our clients to reduce their travel emissions by changing behaviour, improving policy, and switching to proven green suppliers.

Those looking to embrace the full Measure-Reduce-Offset package can rest assured that  with ATPI Halo have created a simple and affordable solution, providing a clear pathway in a process that can be hard to navigate and bogged down with administrative details.

Tangible results

Espousing the benefits of ATPI Halo is meaningless unless it meets the high standards of external experts and auditors. Due diligence is incredibly important in the Voluntary Carbon Reduction industry and knowing that the projects we invest in are certified and approved by independent third parties is critical and something we are especially proud of.

One of our clients who has been using ATPI Halo to offset their annual CO2 travel emissions since the programme launched, came under pressure during their routine audit to complete their H2 2022 travel emissions report and offset within a tight timeframe. Despite being under the microscope our team stepped up to help.

With the carbon footprint calculation readily at hand, we were able to move quickly and co-ordinate stakeholders. As soon as our client chose their preferred project, we were able to process the carbon credit retirement in the global carbon registry and issue a certificate of offset for the auditor to review. Both the client and auditor were impressed by the results as well as our professionalism and speed.

A sustainable vision for the future

There is no doubt that sustainability will continue to be an important topic in the business travel industry, increasingly embedded within travel policies rather than being considered a nice-to-have. This will entail the evolution of sustainable aviation beyond the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and a marked preference for suppliers that have demonstrable sustainability credentials as well as providing great service and value for money.

To take this a step further, we predict that sustainable transport choices, along with carbon budgets, will become default best practice with the elimination of unnecessary travel ever more common. 

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