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CDS Groupe

Founded in 2001 by its current CEO, Ziad Minkara, CDS Groupe is a HBT platform dedicated
to hotel bookings targeting businesses and corporate travel agencies.
The company offers an integrated solution for hotel reservations along with access to more
than one and a half million accommodations throughout the world. In addition, it offers
payment, invoicing and personalized reporting solutions.
CDS Groupe offers tailored solutions to easily manage hotel expenses for every company,
while following its accommodation policy. Its solution also simplifies management of all flows
related to hotel reservations.
CDS Groupe has gradually established itself as a leader in the business hotel market.
The start of 2022 has seen strong growth compared to pre-crisis volumes, confirming good
commercial momentum as well as a strong recovery in the sector.
CDS Groupe is a people-centered company that highlights the talents of a multidisciplinary
team with a specific know-how.
Our reality is unique thanks to a specific market vison and business agility. These key factors
are essential for our service to up to our clients’ ambitions and standards.

The Goelett acquisition (former Rydoo Travel) boosted our strategy to strengthen CDS
leadership on the French market and contributed to its international development.
The focus of this merger is to continue to reinforce commercial relations with partners and especially with clients, travel agencies and partners.

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