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21 May 2024

5 Snackable Strategies for Memorable Events in 2024

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5 Snackable Strategies for Memorable Events in 2024

A successful and memorable event that delivers positive audience engagement requires staying on top of emerging trends in this space. With 2024 event planning in full swing, Amex GBT Meetings & Events has launched new thought leadership – identifying top event trends among marketing and communication professionals. Whether you’re a marketer or a meeting professional who collaborates with them, keeping pace with trends can elevate your events, and help you reach your strategic and brand goals.

Outshine the competition with these dynamic approaches

  1. Craft experiences that resonate – Humans are wired for storytelling. We remember narratives, the emotions they evoke, and how those feelings linger long afterward. By creating unique and relevant event marketing content that moves attendees emotionally, engagement is deepened, and a lasting impression is created. It comes down to personalization, in everything from speakers to event messaging. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) is another factor changing the game. Balanced with human marketing, AI tools can transform the time-consuming tasks of crafting and tailoring all forms of event-related content from promotional campaigns to post-event summary material, and more. Creating the perfect blend between the two is where the real magic happens.
  2. Embrace the digital wave – Event technology isn’t just an add-on, it’s a game changer. And tech specifically built for event planning is expanding. Meeting planners can benefit from tools that lighten the load and save time – including AI and mobile apps, along with virtual reality walkthroughs and simulations. Tech-savvy attendees will appreciate the innovation and immersive experiences as a result, that set your event apart from the rest.
  3. Productive partnerships – The strength of your event is measured by the quality of partnerships you build. Consider collaborating with internal subject matter experts, external event agencies, and thought leaders. Pooling resources and sharing expertise before solid goals are even established can provide you with an opportunity to cultivate strong relationships that go well beyond the event itself. And, it goes without saying that trust and open communication help your network stay on point, so you’re rowing in the same direction.
  4. Prioritize sustainability – Spark a connection with your audience right out of the gate by leading with sustainability and inclusivity. By getting creative at the brainstorming phase, you can factor in sustainable practices such as destinations with a lower carbon footprint and venues that are accredited as being environmentally sustainable. Think inclusivity by making sure that the venue of choice is accessible for all with a diverse staffing and speaker lineup. Opportunities to prioritize sustainability practices exist everywhere you look – from technology use to waste management. The outcome is an event that aligns with your values and inspires your attendees long after it’s ended.
  5. Foster interaction – Was it the keynote speaker who moved you with an unforgettable story? The energized break-out session with the comedic presenter who had you hanging on every word? Or an uplifting activity that brought you together with fellow attendees in a unique way? Each of these memorable experiences can provide the “it” factor for your attendees. The more involved your event attendees are, the more memorable and impactful your event will be. It’s crucial to use resources wisely for the best results and understand that adjusting how you engage depends on your goals and the type of event.

As you plan your event goals, use our new thought leadership piece and its findings as inspiration.

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