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Jorge de Puig

Jorge de Puig

VP of product operations, TravelPerk
Jorge has been dedicated to enhancing inventory management and product operations at TravelPerk for over four years. His primary focus has been on building the Inventory team, with the ultimate aim of delivering unparalleled inventory worldwide through the TravelPerk platform. Having previously worked with Amex GBT and Avis, Jorge leverages his experience and strategic vision to make valuable contributions to this department.In the last year, Jorge has taken on additional responsibilities to improve alignment, communication, and processes throughout the product development area, leading the Product Operations team.Jorge is passionate about contributing to the travel industry and has participated as a speaker in various round tables, including the 2022 UATP Airline Distribution Conference in Lisbon and the 2020 Fitur in Madrid, organized by IBTA.When not at work, Jorge enjoys staying active through various sports and spending time with friends.


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