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Picture this – you’re 10 hours out from being on stage in Asia, boarding the second leg of an international flight with your priceless cello that’s almost as tall as you. The seat next you is reserved for your precious cargo, but then you hear those horrifying words no musician should ever have to hear, “I’m sorry, that has to go under the plane.” The horror stories about instruments being destroyed in the cargo hold sends shivers down your spine. After trying to reason with the flight crew to no avail, frustration sets in. What do you do?

Luckily for ALR Music, they had recently partnered with the music industry’s most trusted Travel Management Company, TAG. Here’s how it all started...

Earlier this year, ALR Music, who employs over 80 employees, needed to implement a travel program quickly and during a global pandemic. By leveraging our unique buying power with suppliers and utilizing TAG’s proprietary smart technology, we were able to fast track ALR’s travel program implementation successfully within two weeks.

Since ALR’s business travel needs are unique, TAG allocated a Travel Specialist with distinct experience in Corporate, Touring, and Event Management to be dedicated solely to ALR’s travel program.

“We have been really blown away by our experience with TAG so far and look forward to the year ahead.” - ALR Music

Despite the exceptional planning and preparation, weather, travel disruptions, and human error always manage to creep in. Luckily for ALR, when their artist was told, “I’m sorry, that has to go under the plane,” they had back up. Even in the middle of the night from across the globe, their dedicated Travel Specialist dropped everything to jump on a call. They had mere minutes to coordinate with the airline's sales team and flight crew to negotiate and reason with them to get that cello in its assigned seat. The agent was able to confirm, with surgical precision, the dimensions of the instrument in relation to the pitch of the seat and reconfirm that it would indeed fit perfectly. The artist and the cello made it to their show, without any additional issues.

In another instance, ALR’s artists got stuck in New York on their way to a wedding event. Their flights had been cancelled, and the airline wasn’t offering protection. A private flight had to be chartered within hours to ensure ALR’s artists made it to the event on time.

These examples demonstrate the need for any company requiring a travel program to work with an agency like TAG that has the knowledge and experience to handle tough situations. TAG’s staff are not order takers, they are highly skilled entertainment Travel Specialists, able to dissect the most complex of travel itineraries while offering cost-effective and practical solutions.

Clients like ALR Music are the core and heart of our business. For three decades, TAG has delivered world class Travel Management Services and is trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry. It’s our reputation for reliability, white glove service, confidentiality, and cost reduction that sets TAG apart and keeps us at the forefront.

Whether you are a Corporate, Investment Management, Production or Entertainment company, consider TAG to help support your travel program. You will receive an end-to-end bespoke service from TAG’s award-winning team of Travel Specialists who will be there for you 24-7, 365.

“The support TAG has offered over recent months has been game changing!” - ALR Music


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