Tuesday 5 April 2022

Work from anywhere with hubli

Hubli Stand: F23

Access to 185,000 spaces, on your terms. Your hub for in-person collaboration. Hubli is the first enterprise platform for in-person connections. We combine meetings, workspaces and group stays in one platform allowing teams succeed from anywhere without sacrificing sustainability, safety, or control. Hubli is every organization’s secret weapon to retain and attract the best talent. Record numbers of employees are leaving roles, while according to the Microsoft Workplace Index a staggering 65% crave in-person connections with colleagues. The future of work is home, HQ and Hubli. Employees can access 185,000 spaces on-demand with in-built controls on spend, safety and sustainability. The platform includes the world's largest inventory of on-demand meeting spaces, alongside a revolutionary group stays and workspace reservations platform. With an ever-expanding portfolio of enterprise clients, Hubli incorporates several new solutions designed to help organizations to streamline access to employees including single sign on, HR systems integration, spend management and centralized billing.

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