Hubli 1:1 with Chase Warrington – Remote work & maximizing offsites to build culture

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In this episode, Aurelie Krau is joined by Chase Warrington, a “remote work nerd” (his words!). They discuss his role as Head of Remote at Doist, how they operate as a virtual first organization (tip: lot’s of learnings for all types of organizations), and the importance of human connection and how to make offsites successful.

***About Chase*** 

Chase Warrington is the Head of Remote at Doist, a pioneer of remote work that specializes in productivity software. Doist created the award-winning task management app Todoist, and Twist, the first team messaging app designed for async work. Collectively, Doist supports 25 million people globally to stay organized and productive. 

In addition to being a 2022 LinkedIn Top Voice for Remote Work and in the 2022 Remote Influencer Report, Chase has worked in both hybrid and remote-first environments for over 12 years, managing teams spanning all timezones as one of Doist’s 100 employees in 35 countries. He is a regular contributor, instructor, and consultant to many of the leading remote work organizations and publications, as well as hosting his own podcast, About Abroad. He is currently based in Spain and is fluent in English and conversational in Spanish.  

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