Sammit Khanndeparkar

Sammit Khanndeparkar

Global Travel & Expense Manager, Astellas Pharma Europe

As the global head of travel& Expense for Astellas Pharma, Sammit Khanndeparkar is responsible for companywide transient travel & Expense category. High-level responsibilities include setting global business objectives, business plans and strategy for travel & Expense, managing day-to-day global business travel operations, managing BAU support, handling change management, managing global and local escalation, global travel payments, travel supplier relation management, managing global travel content in the online booking tool, global training, global intranet content related to travel and crisis management, ISOS, business owner for Concur T&E.  

Sammit has over 20 years’ experience in business travel/airlines/hotels, holding senior management roles in Dubai, India and Singapore as well as London. Sammit holds a bachelor of hotel facilities/travel and tourism management and catering degree from the Mumbai University. 



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