David Blackhurst-Evans

David Blackhurst-Evans

Global Travel Manager, Lush Cosmetics
David Blackhurst-Evans is Global Travel Manager for Lush Cosmetics and has been with them for 7 years. Lush is known for its soap, bath bombs and cosmetics range, which are all ethically sourced and created from its personal partnerships with ingredient growers, across the supply chain to the end product. This process is also carried over in other areas of the business, including travel. As a global business this involves a great deal of travel around the world, whilst minimising negative global impact. Lush does this by having a 'No Fly' rule for travel under 8 hours, prioritising the use of public transport and even owning its very own fully electric bus, nicknamed Electra. This has helped Lush to reduce its carbon footprint when travelling around Head Office sites in Poole and has provided a Park & Ride service for staff to get to and from work between units. 
David’s continued goals are to deliver exceptional customer service, use his leadership and management skills, built up over his career in hospitality and travel, to ensure the best results for Lush’s travellers and the business whilst looking at how the company can be more environmentally friendly and travel smarter. 

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