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Albena Taseva

Albena Taseva

Global Category Manager Travel & Events, Randstad

Albena is a procurement specialist, global business travel expert and a strong advocate for designing and implementing sustainabletravel programs for the modern business traveller. Over the course of her career, she held local, regional and global roles within business travel with exposure to the financial, insurance and professional services industries. 

Albena is a Board Member of the Danish Business Travel Association (DBTA).Since 2022, she is a member of GBTA Sustainability Committee and has been involved in several task forces to develop and promote the uptake of GBTA Sustainability Toolkit. She is currently leading the GBTA Rail Supplier Sustainability Matrix Task Force. Further to that, Albena was an active contributor to the first of its kind Position Paper on Sustainability in Business Travel, issued by BT4Europe on Sep 6th 2022.