Foresight - Pre-travel Risk Assessment Platform

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Foresight from Peregrine Risk Management, is a highly secure, easy to use award-winning platform that is transforming and streamlining pre-travel risk assessment processes for organisations, across the globe.

As well as saving you time and money, Foresight will enhance your travellers’ personal safety. It will improve your organisation's safety culture, build in resilience, meet duty of care obligations and crucially - empower your travellers through trip ownership. Our award-winning innovative solution will allow key stakeholders to set risk tolerance and appetite intelligently, across varying travel locations and activities that are wholly bespoke to your organisation and people.


By creating a pre-defined risk criterion tailored to your needs, we can allow numerous, multi-factored decisions to be made with diligence, speed, consistency and confidence.


By replacing old-style and bureaucratic ‘paper based’ assessments with Foresight - we can provide you with a swift and fully comprehensive approval process. Our platform will enable advanced visibility of travel risk, oversight of travellers and automation of tasks; all brought seamlessly together (for your convenience) on a tech-friendly dashboard, branded for your organisation.

Foresight will make crucial and measurable differences to your business; by using Foresight it will prevent you looking back in hindsight.

In 2021, Foresight won Risk Management Product of the Year at the CIR Risk Management Awards.

Streamline your risk assessment process with Foresight.

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