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  • Room to Stretch Out Adina's apartment-style hotel rooms offer you space to stretch out and thoughtful remote working spaces where you can escape the family living space and dial into the office with e ...
  • The brand new, elegant, dazzling and functional Grand Ballroom, equipped with the latest technology, is set to attract some of the most famed events, conferences and meetings of the country. The Grand ...
  • As a Personal Assistant or Executive Assistant, travel planning is often just one of the many tasks that make up your busy day. However, with so much riding on successful business travel, it's essenti ...
  • As an organisation that employs a workforce operating in varying environments, demonstrating your Duty of Care responsibilities should be at the core of your corporate policies.
  • Current world events have impacted international travel. Covid-19 has profoundly destabilized and eroded our confidence and freedom of travel, both internationally and domestically.
  • ISO 31030 is critical to navigate the current travel risk environment. It reflects today's business travel concerns. It must therefore be aligned with your travel risk management programme.
  • Our Earth is such a beautiful place; it's no wonder so many people want to explore as many corners of it as they can. Travelling is effective in discovering the hidden gems of the world, experiencing ...
  • TAG takes advantage of the fact that technology is intended to make our lives easier. With more than 30 years of travel management experience, this dynamic team has proven that heavily investing in te ...
  • Business trips can be great tools for companies. A well-planned, productive corporate trip can open doors for new business opportunities and connect your company with professional talent pools.
  • Discover how MaaS stands out in the travel sector using technological innovation to empower business travellers to move freely during inner-city travel, city-to-city travel and international travel.

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