Please note all timings are shown in Central European Time.

  1. 45 mins
    Whether you are new to travel or your role is expanding to topics you are less familiar with, this session will help you make sense of concepts, terms and even those pesky acronyms. Participants will ...
  1. 30 mins
    Before the full programme begins, take some time to explore the platform, see who else is virtually attending, reach out and say hi.
  1. 50 mins
    The novel coronavirus has decimated the travel industry. Issues that, prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, may have registered only on the fringes have been brought to the forefront. The Covid-19 crisis ha ...
  1. 45 mins
    Travel reductions in 2020 had a positive impact on the environment. As business travel resumes, it's critical to make to make meaningful sustainability actions and align with your organisation’s susta ...
  2. 45 mins
    2020 was not just about Covid-19, but a year when industries including travel voiced an awakened sensitivity to systemic racism, unconscious bias against minorities and LBGTQ communities and widesprea ...
  3. 45 mins
    BTN’s State of the Industry Report found that beyond Covid-19 geopolitical issues were the greatest concern among travel managers surveyed in Fall 2020. Fractured relations between countries, social u ...
  1. 30 mins
    After an inspiring morning of knowledge sharing and discussions, carry on the conversation with your established contacts or expand your network by messaging someone new.
  1. 15 mins
    Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced almost all TMCs to furlough staff, drop investments and change development plans, they were in an identity crisis. Were they technology platforms, servi ...
  1. 15 mins
    In 2020, many travel managers played a much larger role in defining company-wide strategy and policy than before. In the wake of a global pandemic, the advice and input from travel managers became par ...
  1. 30 mins
    Richard Eades, bp’s Global Category Lead for Travel & Meetings, is the lone buyer named to BTN Europe’s 2021 Hotlist. Eades has been widely praised for steering bp’s business travel strategy during th ...
  1. 30 mins
    Round off a day of stimulating idea and knowledge sharing by spending some time talking to old colleagues and new contacts using text or video functionality on Swapcard.
  1. 60 mins
    As we look towards a return to travel, our community and the open collaboration within it is more important than ever. Whilst the pandemic continues to have a devastating impact on our industry it has ...
  2. 60 mins
    On 21 January 2021, EU heads of state or government discussed coordination on the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and agreed to work on a standardized and inter-operable form of proof of vaccination ...
  3. 60 mins
    *Please note this session will be in French* What conclusions can be drawn after one year of COVID-19 and how can we prepare for the end of the crisis?  Our guests will discuss how they adapted their ...
  4. 60 mins
    The current COVID-19 crisis can provide a window of opportunity for promoting sustainability transitions across the globe. However, these goals can only be achieved with deliberate planning and carefu ...
Please note all timings are shown in Central European Time.