FREE NOW for Business

Stand: H61
  • | Ground Transportation/Limo/Taxi
  • | Sustainability
  • | Carbon neutrality
  • | Support local suppliers
FREE NOW for Business

FREE NOW for Business is a custom made business travel solution backed by BMW Group and Daimler AG, and we want to change the future of business travel across Europe.

It’s not just about getting your clients to a meeting to to the airport, it’s about empowering your business to make smarter and more sustainable mobility decisions. It’s about helping your staff to move freely wether that’s across ride hailing or micro-mobility, and finally it’s about working with regulators and governments to allow the cities that we are part of thrive.

Bringing this purpose and vision together we believe that we can become the number one choice for customers, clients and communities with our truly enjoyable, sustainable and customised urban mobility experience across every European neighbourhood.


Harling House
51 Great Suffolk Street
United Kingdom
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