Wednesday 29 June 2022

Business Travel Made Easy: Nomadic Disrupts Business Visa Immigration Process

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Business Travel Made Easy: Nomadic Disrupts  Business Visa Immigration Process

Nomadic, a technology solution provider and a Fragomen Technology company, is changing the face of business travel with a one-stop solution that assists travellers and their companies with business visas, consular services, EU Posted Worker services and much more.


Nomadic’s offering addresses specific challenges of navigating the patchwork of national legal frameworks in Europe and country-by-country requirements through a seamless, easy-to-navigate web portal and app – both designed with the user experience and flexibility in mind. The technology encapsulates an end-to-end traveller profile, from pre-trip compliance assessment and visa requirements through to live updates. Using the portal online or via their smartphone, users simply select their proposed destination to bring up all relevant documentation and the completed documents are sent to the relevant embassy, global Nomadic hub or in-country partner for lodging.

“Brexit is impacting business travel for both UK and EU citizens, with new restrictions now in place in terms of duration of stay and country-specific rules on what constitutes as allowable activities. With the imminent implementation of new digital border systems, the complexities associated with travel become ever more evident,” noted Neil Thomson, director, Nomadic. “Our own digital platform – augmented by specialist in-house resources – is one example of how businesses can ensure their employees are travel-ready.”

Key features of Nomadic’s technology include:

  • Pre-travel compliance assessment that draws on data points from over 170 countries.
  • Automated filing of online applications using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to ensure a precise and accelerated process.
  • Unique traveller profile that securely retains traveler history and data, removing the need to re-enter information.
  • GPS functionality, where desired, can be enabled to monitor the traveler’s real-time location in the current immigration jurisdiction.
  • API integration that can incorporate data in the tool into client systems and reporting tools.
  • New post-pandemic travel requirements will be incorporated as jurisdictions emerge from the global health crisis.
  • Regional enhancements will be released that address specific local compliance needs (including Posted Workers in Europe).

Fragomen’s 2022 Worlwide Immigration Trends Report found that business travel is expected to rebound benefitting from a slow down of the Covid-19 pandemic, shortened quarantine times and increased testing. Recent statistics from airlines and travel organisations support this data. With that in mind, companies and their employees will benefit greatly from the Nomadic technology as they look to resume in-person international business dealings and trade show attendance.


About Nomadic

Nomadic is a technology-led business unit of the greater Fragomen firm focused on the delivery of solutions for short-term immigration programs, such as business visas, Posted Worker notifications and similar short-term cross border travel and compliance program needs. 


About Fragomen

Fragomen is a leading firm dedicated exclusively to immigration services worldwide. The firm has more than 5,000 immigration professionals and support staff in 55 offices around the world and offers immigration support in more than 170 countries. Fragomen is a longtime leader in the immigration technology space and continues to lead the way in the digitisation of the immigration journey. Last year it created Fragomen Technologies Inc., a Fragomen subsidiary focused on the nexus of law and technology in order to further enhance its technology offering.


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