Wednesday 11 May 2022

Agiito partners with mental health consultant 

Agiito Stand: J40

As part of Agiito’s commitment to supporting their employees’ mental health and wellbeing, Agiito has signed a partnership with Matthew Holman, founder of Simpila Mental Health, to provide additional support and guidance to shape the workplace.   

Katie Blount, Director of Experience, said: “Wellbeing is one of our biggest priorities and we have a well-developed approach to mental health where we take physical and financial wellbeing into account. As well as providing mental health first aider support, wellbeing benefits and mental health awareness training to managers, we are pleased that having Matthew has joined us as a consultant to broaden our wellbeing strategy. Matthew’s first blog focused on loneliness; it’s important that we work together to help people find ways to cope with loneliness and improve how they feel, and blogs like these are really well received.”  

Matthew Holman said, “It is so great to be back working with Agiito and the Mental Health First Aider community to help raise greater awareness of the challenges with mental health and how we can come together to improve the workplace for the future.  

“Through my work now, I am absolutely committed to helping those who are struggling and connecting through conversations on mental health. In 2022 nobody should have to sit in silence with their negative thoughts.” 


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