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Dates of Show

Wednesday 29th - Thursday 30th June 2023


Initial power connections to stands are made as soon as possible. 

Tuesday 27th June 2023

14:00 – Pavilion stand access

14.00  – Aisle carpet will be laid. No items must be left in the gangways/aisles.

20.00 – Build Up Ends - all contractors and exhibitors must leave the halls.

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Show Open Days

Wednesday 28th June 2023

08.00 – Exhibitor Access

09.00 - Hosted Buyers Access

09.00 - (Day one only) All buyers and exhibitors are invited to attend 'The Opening General Session' in the Platinum Suite which is accessible from the Boulevard. 

09.30 – Visitors Access to Halls

17.30 – Show Closes. All exhibitors and visitors MUST have vacated the halls by 18.00 (This time maybe later if there are pre-arranged exhibitor events)

18.00 – Power is switched off in the halls.


Thursday 29th June 2023

08.00 – Exhibitor Access 

09.00 - Hosted Buyers Access

09.30 – Visitors Access

17.00 – Show Closes

17.30 - Breakdown Commences


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Pavilion stands

Thursday 29th June 2023 – 17.00-19.00


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