In the UK, each year, there has been a 20% increase of company spend on health, wellness and travel programmes

A recent report of over 280,000 employees stated that UK businesses have doubled the investment into the wellness industry over the last 12 months.

To improve corporate wellness, businesses are increasingly featuring health-based activities into their company plans. 

The Wellness Retreat & Café is a showcase of the practical steps, education and suppliers to empower you and your travellers stay and be healthy while on business. 

Wellness Retreat and Café will:

  • Showcase suppliers of corporate and traveller wellness, mental health and mindfulness products and services
  • Attend Wellness Huddles where visitors can hear from experts sharing practical techniques and tips on how to empower travellers to stay well when on business.
  • Provide visitors & hosted buyers a more relaxing space on the busy show where they can rest, talk and eat healthy food options to revitalize and energize them. 
Wellness Clinic Image
Wellness Clinic Image

Exhibit for ONLY £500

  • Branded plinth in the Wellness Clinic
  • Onsite visitor diary to book “Buyer Check Ups”
  • Listing as a sponsor on the website and the virtual platform

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