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Last updated: 20th April

Onsite COVID Restrictions 

At ExCeL London, the health and well-being of everyone who visits is the number one priority.  They have been working with professional bodies to develop guidelines that align with those in place in other public spaces in the UK. 

Playing your part to keep Business Travel Show Europe safe:

The ExCeL London entry policy does not require any visitor to show their Covid status; however, they are ready to reintroduce checks at the request of any organiser or if the Government guidance changes.

Wearing a face covering is strongly recommended for everyone coming into the venue.

Social distancing
You are encouraged to observe social distancing.

Hand sanitiser

Please use the hand sanitiser stations located throughout the venue.

The ExCeL Cleaning Team has been trained to deliver enhanced cleaning procedures

  • All touchpoints are regularly wiped with chlorine-based cleaning fluid.
  • All bathrooms are checked and maintained by a dedicated team of cleaners. 
  • We have installed a Nimlok Entry Management System (NEMS) at the entrances to all bathrooms, located along the boulevard, to assist with managing the flow of people.
  • Specific waste management procedures are in place to manage the safe disposal of PPE and testing materials.

Managing fresh air flow:

Ventilation has been increased in line with the latest CIBSE (Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers) guidance and recommendations:

  • Fresh air supply has been improved by increasing the size and speed of fans, as well as the installation of new pipes. 
  • There is a regular maintenance programme in place, which ensures double the amount of statutory checks are carried out. Filters are replaced regularly. 
  • CO2 monitors have been installed in client facing areas. These monitor air conditions and provide an indication of whether capacity should be reduced. These are not alarmed but will support writing an effective risk assessment.


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