The post-Covid travel manager – Make sure your company needs you more than ever

Thursday 30 June 2022
South Gallery Room 19
The days of travel managers focusing solely on finding the best prices are long gone. Risk management, compliance and sustainability are just some of the key elements of a much wider strategic role to the business – and being ready to lend your skills to non-travel projects is an increasing demand too. Learn which skills you need and how to build your personal brand to make yourself an indispensible employee in a fast-changing world.
Jen Bankard, Senior Director, Content Solutions and Conferences - BTN Group
Jens Vongehr, Partner - The Travel Consulting Group
Katharina Navarro, Global Category Manager - Travel and Mobility - Capgemini
Christoph Carnier, Senior Director – Head of Procurement Category Travel, Fleet & Events. President - Merck, VDR
Scott Davies, CEO - Institute of Travel Management

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