Managing a permanently reduced travel programme – How travel managers can fight off the threats and seize the opportunities

Wednesday 29 June 2022
South Gallery Room 19
Covid and climate crisis combined mean business travel is unlikely to return to 2019 levels for many companies. That permanent drop in volume has major consequences for everything from impaired buying power to supply chain risk to job insecurity. How can travel managers steer through this much-changed landscape and make themselves more relevant than ever to their employers? This session lays out the all-important roadmap.
David Meyer, Executive Director, Conference Content and Strategy - The BTN Group
Ami Taylor, Senior Director Product Strategy - SAP Concur
Alison Rogan, Chair of Board of Directors - Institute of Travel Management, and Global Head of Travel and Expense - Barclays
Michael Riegel, General Manager. Europe - TripActions
Pascal Jungfer, CEO - Areka Consulting

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