Tuesday 28 September 2021

Staff Transportation: The post-pandemic journey

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Staff Transportation: The post-pandemic journey
National Express Transport Solutions

Much like our approach to providing clients with transport solutions, it is important that organisations approach the re-introduction of employees to their workplaces with an increasing emphasis on safety and wellbeing. 

As workplaces resume mid-level capacity and flexible working becomes the norm, organisations are finding themselves overcoming a new challenge: navigating the employee commute post-pandemic. 

The Journey with National Express Transport Solutions

Understanding employee needs 

We’ve seen the core essence of ensuring seamless workflows shift to reducing the spread of infection. A major concern for employees resuming the workplace is the safety surrounding their workplace commute.

The introduction of staff shuttles ensures your employees enjoy a safe commute as vehicles are regularly cleaned. With hand sanitiser dispensers installed, enhanced cleaning multiple times a day and air filtration systems regularly purifying the air onboard - your staff transportation is sure to be a safe one. 


As with any long journey you set out on, it is vital to plan prior to proceeding. Where transporting your workforce is concerned, this need is even greater. 

The rise in flexible working means that the number of employees that businesses are required to transport will differ on a day-to-day basis. Establishing arrival and departure points, investigating road closures and confirming the accessibility requirements of each individual employee is a substantial task that will alleviate the concerns of your workforce and put the minds of all travelling at ease. 

However, the coordination of all these planning requirements should be a headache-free process, at National Express Transport Solutions, we take the stress out of all of your planning.

Vehicle allocation 

With understanding employee needs and planning comes the allocation of resources.

Our next step at National Express Transport Solutions is to allocate vehicles to the requirements of passengers and planned journeys. 

The rise in flexible working and hot-desking not only requires that transport providers have a substantial range of vehicle sizes within their fleet, but that organisations are able to adequately monitor those employees utilising the staff shuttles. Real-time reporting enabling organisations to track, manage and keep up-to-date with passenger and ticketing information. 

Transport proposal 

A task of this magnitude requires transparent plans and pricing with no hidden surprises for your business and your workforce. A pre-event meeting guarantees this and will delve into the details of your bespoke and tailored quote. 

Pre-event meeting 

Pre-event meetings are essential to getting the wheels in motion and giving your staff a flawless door-to-door experience. The importance of this stage is to make sure that no stone has been left unturned and all requirements have been ticked. 


Your employees are on the move.  24/7 support and contingency plans are essential to staff transportation and ought to be established no matter the destination or time of commute. 

Your workforce enjoys the benefits of the following:

  • A cleaner commute

  • A safe environment

  • Contactless payments and passenger monitoring 

  • Travelling in confidence

Post-event debrief 

Reflect on the quality of service provided and make any necessary adjustments to ensure your business and employees are experiencing a positive journey. 

Our team of industry experts would be happy to discuss this journey further at stand: BTSF150. Register for FREE access here.


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