Thursday 30 June 2022

The Importance of Real-Time Travel Data Aggregation

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The Importance of Real-Time Travel Data Aggregation

Imagine waking up to news headlines that war has erupted, a political crisis has ensued, or there has been a newly identified variant of covid-19 that is rapidly spreading. As your organization's appointed travel manager, would you be scratching your head, wondering if you have employees in the affected region, or would you be confident in knowing exactly where your travelers are? Your executives would certainly hope for the latter.

Pre-Trip Visibility in One Platform

If you fall into the uncertainty category, you are not alone. Many small to medium businesses do not have proper risk management and data aggregation tools at their disposal. Fortunately, Traxo has an easy-to-implement solution available to travel managers at companies of all sizes.

Traxo provides the visibility you need into your travellers' whereabouts, combining all booked travel data into one easy-to-use platform, eliminating travel and expense data blind spots.

With today’s ever-changing environment, waking up today versus tomorrow could look completely different. You must have a pulse on where your business travellers are and where they are planning to go. With Traxo’s ability to combine data from your travel management company, supplier-direct bookings, and OTA sites, you can confidently locate your travellers and review any upcoming travel expenditures—related to airlines, hotels, car rentals, ride-sharing, and more—before they hit expense reports.

Take Control of Your Travel Data

By eliminating travel blind spots, you regain the control you’ve been missing previously by only relying on post-trip expense reporting or corporate credit card reconciliation. Traxo is uniquely positioned to provide you access to pre, during, and post-trip data; visibility unlike anything before. You can wave goodbye to manually logging into multiple supplier portals every month to download reports and then going through the painstaking process of data mining, data correction, and data aggregation to land on a single report for each travel segment.

Lead Times or Real-Time

Travel segment lead times could vary drastically based on your company’s travel policy and your travellers' typical booking behaviour or. For example, if you require your travellers to book airfare 14+ days in advance, in theory, they could be booking their airfare a month or two before departure. 

The typical next segment is accommodations, which may or may not be booked through the same channel as their airfare. For travellers who are attending a conference or large meeting, they may be booking through a conference block. 

Next, if a car, limousine, or train service is needed, these segments are likely booked much closer to the departure date of the trip—if not during the trip itself. 

Lastly, ride-shares happen as the trips unfold. This data is typically tracked directly through the ride-sharing company. For Uber and Lyft, you may have a business profile established, granting you access to their reporting tools. However, gathering this information post-trip means you don’t always have a pulse on where your travellers’ locations.

Through Traxo, you can seamlessly pull all the fragmented data points together into one platform. This unified data source allows you to easily view your travel data in real-time, versus waiting for expense reports and manually compiling for-biz reports. 

Benefits of Travel Data Aggregation Tools

Whether pre, during, or post-travel, travel managers get the clarity, simplicity, visibility, and standardized reporting that they’ve otherwise been missing by having a data aggregation tool. This tool provides almost-instant access to trip details booked by your travellers, regardless of the booking channel.

With real-time visibility, travel managers and organizations are given a window of opportunity to course-correct traveller behaviour before it's too late and realized on an expense report. This unique opportunity allows you to focus on traveller education related to your preferred suppliers, travel policy, and programme. 

Identifying misspending before the trip departure date allows you to realize savings by adjusting the trip to comply. Lastly, you can ensure the following: 

  • Travelers are aware of any potential risks at their destination
  • Travelers well-versed in your emergency procedures
  • Itineraries are sent to your duty-of-care provider for great oversight and risk management

Traxo Can Support Any Programme Size

Whether your travel programme is small or large, Traxo can provide the data aggregation and auditing required to run a safe and efficient programme.

Visit with us at the Business Travel Show Europe at Stand K45, for more information. There is still time to register.


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