Tuesday 26 April 2022

Easy ways to Make Your Meetings Better

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Easy ways to Make Your Meetings Better

We are used to spending a considerable amount of time in meetings. But are these effective? Even necessary? We help you make your meetings better with these tips.

According to a study by Reclaimai, professionals have an average of 25.6 meetings a week, or 5.1 per day, the average meeting length being 50.6 minutes long. Besides, meetings have increased 69.7% since February 2020 where the average was only 15.1 meetings per week, and professionals average 21.5 hours in meetings a week, over half of the “standard 40-hour workweek”.

Is there a way to make meetings efficient, so time is not wasted?

  1. Assess the ‘why’ of the meeting

Okay, you’ve decided that you need to hold a meeting to discuss a particular matter. But is it really necessary? Could it be fixed with a phone call? Even an email? Think that a meeting requires the time of several people, and therefore, it is an expense.

  1. Prepare the meeting

Now the meeting is going to be held and you have organized it. Do you have all the necessary material? Have you prepared something to speed up the discussion? Are you going to offer any kind of data, presentation, graphics?

Have you informed the attendees about the agenda, so that they know the topics that are going to be discussed?

  1. The two pizza rule

Are all attendees relevant to the meeting? Jeff Bezos often applies the two-pizza rule:If you need more than two pizzas to feed everybody, there are too many people. According to a Bain & Company study for each person over seven members in a group, decision-making effectiveness is reduced by about 10 percent. So make sure you invite the relevant people to the meeting!

  1. Presentation and preparations

Right now there are dozens of tools that you can use to make impactful and visual presentations easily. And if you are going to hold an online meeting, make sure you choose the easiest and most user-friendly tool on the market.

  1. Friendly and collaborative meetings

There is nothing worse than showing up at a meeting where someone is going to present boring data. Passive. Make sure that there are frequent mental breaks, so that the attendees can follow and understand the concepts. Also, let them interact, make sure it’s a collaborative space, instead of a monologue. 

  1. The shorter the better

Can you tell it in two lines instead of two paragraphs? Good, because time is money and you don’t want to waste it. Make your meetings a sprint, where if possible, you finish earlier, so that the attendees can ask questions, digest information or simply start working on what has been presented.

  1. Follow up

Make sure that after the meeting there is some kind of follow up, an email or some actions that are going to be taken. 

  1. Organize meetings effectively

If the meeting involves business travel, make sure you use the right tool to plan it. Instead of looking for the information on different platforms, use TROOP.

TROOP is a single, centralized hub that enables a scientific, algorithmic and data-driven approach to planning the most effective global meeting and events for your team, saving time and money while significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

The tool takes efficiency to the next level in the world of meeting planning, offering data on costs, times, restrictions associated with COVID, as well as carbon footprint data. In this way, decisions are informed and can be made in minutes, instead of days as was the case before.

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