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Buckle Up Or Lead From The Front - 8 Key Topics Influencing the Reboot of Business Travel

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Buckle Up Or Lead From The Front - 8 Key Topics Influencing the Reboot of Business Travel

After two years of minimal business travel, most organisations are now seeing the benefits of getting back on the move.

The barriers to travel are coming down quickly, and the industry is reporting a huge surge in demand. Europe is leading the way; in March 2022 air passenger volumes were up 425% year-over-year according to IATA. Most UK consumers also now say they feel comfortable to travel for business.

But the unavoidable truth is that business travel has changed.

How can you ensure your organisation is well prepared for the great 2022 business travel reboot?

We’re working with independent consultancy FESTIVE ROAD to bring you up-to-date advice to help you lead your travel programme forwards. We’ll be sharing these insights in a whitepaper and webinar in June and July.

But there’s already much that you can be doing to get your business travel programme moving again. Spend a few minutes thinking about how the opportunities below might influence your travel programme. Which of your normal activities you might need to STOP because of the trends, which new activities you need to START and which you need to CONTINUE?

8 Key Topics Influencing the Reboot of Business Travel

1. It's (Still) All About the Traveller – Traveller centricity isn’t just the latest buzz phrase. Travellers are the core of the programme and it's never been more important to support them throughout their booking and travel experience. This starts with meaningful conversations, and listening deeply to travellers’ concerns, needs and wants as travel restarts. Look to support and guide them on what travel looks like now and how they can book, travel and return successfully.

2. The Shifting Supplier Landscape – The travel supplier market has never been so dynamic. In recent times we’ve seen a wave of supplier acquisitions, service changes and innovations meaning the travel experience is largely unrecognisable to even the road warriors of yesteryear. It’s important to understand how your suppliers’ services have changed and what their future direction and innovations will bring. Map out your most common traveller journeys and how suppliers have changed around those, both in the short term post-Covid landscape and longer term.

3. Stakeholders Are The Key – Travel programme leaders have amazing opportunities to build partnerships with senior peers and stakeholders across their business right now. It's the best possible time to agree on the strategic value travel adds to your organisation and agree the new “rules of the road”. This places travel at the core of the organisation’s growth and development plans, and the travel programme leader as the key enabler.

4. Focus on the Metrics that Matter – Reflecting on your key programme objectives and goals will help narrow the choice of KPIs to those that are meaningful and avoid data overload. For our part, we support our clients with an array of spend and service-based metrics, for example service performance, traveller satisfaction, call and email responsiveness. Our account manager will help bring life to your data and create the stories you need to drive your travel strategy forwards.

5. Sustainability Taking Centre Stage – Sustainability is now one of the major priorities for nearly all travel programmes, “88% of the business travel sector views addressing climate change as the number one priority are for action” according to the Global Business Travel Association. Travel managers should weave sustainable travel management practices throughout their programmes. There are many tactics you can use reduce the environmental impact of the programme while ensuring travel continues to deliver its organisational value.

6. From “The Great Resignation” to “The Great Attractor” - Over 40% of people are looking to leave their jobs this year, in part due to a frustration with lack of flexibility with work hours or location. The way we work and meet has changed, and travel managers can leverage the opportunity to ensure their travel and meeting programmes support the aspirations of workers for flexibility. Business travel, mobility, meetings and events, virtual meeting and commuting are all in the same melting pot. Progressive travel programmes will help companies attract talent, engage their workers, and exceed their individual and company goals.

7. Successfully Navigating Brexit – Getting travellers moving again needs a careful refresher through the perspective of Brexit, and the host of new rules and restrictions around travel in the EU. From visa and passports, to border controls and travel insurance, from driving licenses to mobile data roaming – there’s a lot to think about, and much to share with travellers. We’ve got you covered.

8. Identify your Quick Wins – Every travel programme strategy can benefit from a dust-off given the monumental changes sweeping business travel. To find out how to get your travel programme fit for purpose join us at the Business Travel Show on the 29-30 June. We’ll be hosting a thought-provoking session to identify 10 quick wins to help get your programme flying again.

By Clarity Sales & Marketing Team and Festive Road. Clarity Business Travel is exhibiting at Business Travel Show Europe, taking place at ExCeL, London from 29-30 June 2022. Register now and visit the team on stand K30.


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